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Rolling Stones Urinals Not Relieving to Some Critics

The men’s restroom in the recently opened Rolling Stones museum in Lüchow, Germany, features Mick Jagger’s famous lips-shaped urinals. I am sure most men find them “relieving,” however some women do not.

Since the urinals do not include the tongue, some women are offended and see the urinals as nothing more than a woman’s mouth in which a man is taking a leak into. “It’s discrimination against women,” local feminist Roda Armbruster tells Hamburg based broadcast network NDR.

Honestly, GET A LIFE Roda! So you think this is your personal goal in life and benefiting women all over the world by searching for piddly stuff like this to criticize? Seriously, no man is going to equate making water in these loos as a derogatory action to women. They will see this for exactly what it is… draining the main vein in a urinal shaped like the logo used by the Rolling Stones, sans tongue. And if some odd sicko does happen to make this connection, then they were not right in the head to begin with – long before they walked in the museums doors and needed to take a piss.

Roda, you and nothing but a whiner and crier whose sole purpose is to find insignificant things to piss and moan about. You are not helping and, in fact, are working against women’s advancement in equality throughout the world by simply being nothing more than a pain-in-the-ass. Us women do not need nor want to be associated with your negativity.

Founder Ulli Schroder says they’re art, not a man’s mouth or a woman’s mouth. “They were damned expensive and they’re staying where they are,” he said. Good for you, Ulli!

To anyone who finds these degrading, lighten up, laugh a little, and enjoy the unique things in life. You may just find it very relieving.


  1. hahahaha…”pisses me off” very funny reply Michelle…if anything she should be thrilled that it would make us men all seem “way smaller” if that’s the connection we choose to make…i could say more but i won’t. 🙂 continue…

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