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The Parting Shot for February 16, 2012

“The hunter and the hunted”

Photo credit:  Unknown
Site source:  Dark Roasted Blend


  1. I get these posts in my inbox, but without the picture.
    So I came to the page with just the caption.

    Not what I was expecting – in fact, so much better!

  2. “So I was saying everyone has the right to bear arms….Guns don’t kill people ….put the gun in the hand of a resposnible being and everything will be fine… I mean they are trying to stop us hunting dumb animals even- I mean dumb animals that justy sit there totally unaware. Geez!”
    “I agree babe. It should be you in the White House Sarah, not Mccain and definately not Barrraaaack Husssein O-blah-ma. Now thats a dumb animal”
    “Yeah sweetie you are so right..Lock and load I say, lock and load.”

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