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The Parting Shot for February 19, 2012

Nature & Wildlife Category winner. © Andiyan Lutfi (Indonesia) courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2011.

Hungry ants clamour to get their hands on a piece of chocolate brownie that had been left on a pile of leaves.
Known in Indonesia as the Rang-Rang, the insect lives in colonies where each
has their own role as either worker, drone or queen.

Photo is best seen by clicking on image once to pull it up, then clicking again for full size.


  1. Never cared for ants — but as pictured here they are beautiful, almost elegant creatures.

    Back in the day I had a macro lens and it was great fun to use. However, my favorite, default lens was the 210mm zoom.

    • Yeah. I’m not a bug person at all. Not afraid of them, nor do they freak me out. Just not a fan of them. But I love photos of insects like this. The detail we cannot see with our naked eyes. Magnificent!

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