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Happy Hump Day | Political and Current News Humor

During the past several weeks, our country has seen a revelation like no other with the Republican Party, especially in the Republican primaries. Each and every debate and hot topic is of a very serious nature, however, sometimes we just need to laugh at the insanity we are witnessing which belongs in our future history books.

A special thanks to Don in Massachusetts for providing me a plethora of wonderfully humorous – yet tragically truthful – political cartoons. Several of the political cartoons in this post are available here due to Don and his devotion to sharing only the best political cartoons on a daily basis. Keep on bring us smiles and chuckles, Don! And don’t forget to check out Don’s site!

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  1. Coming on the heels of the Oklahoma personhood bill, the one with the woman driving in the carpool lane struck me as particularly pointed. I guess that bill should include a provision for women to carry a note from their doctors certifying they are pregnant. Of course, there will be down sides … like having to pay double admission to the movies, double airline tickets, etc.

    • I still say that if the gov’t is going to declare the fetus as personhood, then the parents should be able to declare a tax deduction before birth. Cannot pick and choose what the personhood applies towards.

  2. That’s great. I love that on the heels of the other posts I’ve made recently, I decided with a debate tonight (fatigue anyone?) and the primary process preparing to enter the third months, to write how to improve the process. It seems fitting given the images of candidates such as personal favorite Jon Huntsman.

    • I actually liked John. He slammed either Mittens or Gnewt once that was GREAT! Some supposed derogatory statement about John’s work overseas, while they’ve been stateside purely focusing on the Republican Party. John said that’s what has been our problem.

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