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The Windsor Canada Hum

The title sounds reminds me of something Groucho Marx would say, but this is no joke for the residents of Windsor Canada. The forceful return of the “Windsor Hum” has a local city councillor demanding Ottawa exert some cross-border pressure on the U.S. city it’s coming from.

Residents living in and around Windsor, Ontario first reported hearing an airborne, low-frequency hum in February of 2011. Windsor city councilor Al Maghnieh says the noise peaked last year before subsiding in recent months.

But that changed just a few weeks ago, when the noise returned.

The source is an airborne sound wave originating from the general vicinity of Zug Island in River Rouge, MI. Zug Island is a heavily industrialized island in the city of River Rouge near the southern city limits of Detroit in the U.S. state of Michigan. Zug Island is also a high security zone and is off-limits to the public.

There are several other problems in the neighborhoods surrounding Zug Island is poor air quality. Residents quoted in a March 2000 Detroit Free Press article spoke of the air-quality problems, complaining of the rancid odor that permeates their living spaces and causes nausea, headaches and dry heaves. The grass and trees in surrounding neighborhoods are dying and there is rust-colored dust on the streets, homes and cars.

One has to wonder… what actually is going on here at Zug Island?

Image courtesy of Wikipedia


Coke train on Zug Island. Image courtesy of Wikipedia


  1. Figures, doesn’t it, that Al Jazeera reported this instead of local US or Candian networks. Seems pretty clear that whatever is going on at Zug Island is causing both air and noise pollution. Presumably they have laws against that and therefore someone must be getting paid to look the other way. I’d have to move. A sound like that would drive me nuts.

  2. This is another Area 51 cover up. Acting like they have no idea what we’re talking about. The sounds are coming from them warming up the tanks n trucks that will run the county and pick up all who oppose when 12/21/12 comes along. All they gotta do is deal with some stupid Canucks tryin to complain about a stupid noise
    Hey mr Americans there’s a loud noise coming from somewhere in ur area. Really stupid frenchy? What’s it sound like? Where do u think u hear it comin from? What do ya think it is?

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