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Houston TX Officer on Trial for Stealing Food from Fridge

Yes, you read correctly. A Houston area police officer has been caught on video boosting food from the community refrigerator at the Deer Park Police Department, and is now going to trial for his hunger attacks.

Deer Park Police Chief Greg Griggs approved a sting operation, setting up a hidden camera above the fridge and filling it with bait food — Monster energy drinks and sandwiches — in order to nab the lunch leech. According to police, the video, released to the public by the department, caught Yang in the act pulling one of the unopened Monster energy drinks, clearly marked with the initials of one of the department’s detectives, out of the break room refrigerator on Nov. 19.

When confronted with the evidence, Yang told investigators he was cleaning the office fridge.

Yang was allegedly caught again on camera Nov. 22 taking a sandwich, again marked with a detective’s initials, and then again on Nov. 26 and Nov. 27, each time pulling out a drink marked with initials not his own, police said. “The same officer was taking the items each time,” Griggs said. “Nobody else was taking it during that three week period.”

According to Grigg, during the interview, Yang refused to admit or deny his guilt. He was cited with Class C theft and was placed on suspension Feb. 21 until March 21 without pay. He is scheduled for trial on Thursday, Feb. 24.

I am sure that the Deer Park, TX, citizens are quite relieved to see that their tax dollars are being well spent setting up sting operations and taking dangerous criminals such as this to court.

BTW… I am hungry. Hopefully someone put a ham and cheese sandwich in the fridge….


  1. If you’ve ever had your lunch taken by a co-worker, you;ll cheer this. Hey theft is theft and he was caught numerous times. Letting this guy off ’cause he was a cop could reinforce that he is above the law. Would rather see this kind of sting than that NYC/Newark surveillance caper on Muslim restaurants.

    • Personally, in my opinion, it wasn’t a matter of letting him off since he was a cop. I think it’s a petty waste of time and money to bother to catch anyone thieving food. If someone takes my food from the community fridge at work (and it happens all the time), then I figure they need it worse than I do. Plus, when I put food in there, I have the frame of mind that it may not be in there when I go back later. I actually rarely put food in the fridge anymore. Either my lunch won’t go bad if it sits out, or I put it in an insulated lunch container. I have things much more important to tend to then my lunch.

  2. Maybe this is because I haven’t had lunch yet and it’s just after 1:00 PM here. But I’m glad that they nailed that thievin’ lunch stealer, cause stealing from the employee fridge is just low! So WTG Deer Park PD! Now go out and catch some real criminals… I’m gonna go catch me some lunch!

      • Michelle, whether you are in the minority, the majority, the lunatic fringe (nope – that’s my turf!) or even raiding the fridge, you know we love you! And I know that every day I go online, which is almost every day, one of my most favorite places to be online, is right here on your multi-media, multi-talented, highly informative, socially enlightening, funny and lots of fun blog! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work and effort here, cause you’re one of the best there is, Ms. Motley News!

        • S’all good. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, for sure. I have an ongoing battle here at work… I’m a coffee snob and do not use anything but real half and half in my coffee. And I get so irritated when I come to work and someone has finished it off when I bought it. I don’t care if they use it… but replace it. Don’t leave me with an empty carton….

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