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It Has Been Confirmed… I Have a Brain!

Seriously, now no one can dispute this fact. Today, I have the evidence. I have the scans right here to prove it! So I thought I would share the more interesting slices from my head. Hee hee… I need a copy to take to the specialist next month, so found the jpg images on the disc and loaded them on my computer.

Hey, MS may not be fun, but I’m sure going to have fun with it when I can. We all often get to see an x-ray of an injury, or bones, etc. But rarely do we get to see a scan of our own brain. Now I have… and I think this is awesome!

Oh… and boy, oh, boy… do I have a great idea on something very creative to do with all these images. It will take me a while, but it will most definitely be worth it. But for now, you just get to see the proof that there is something between my ears. And I even included an ear to start out with.


      • I’m sorry. It’s from the Honeymooners
        “But can it core a apple?”
        “Yes,it can core a apple”.

        Hmm….not so funny after all.
        Nice brain though….

        Do you mind if I point to this post in my Friday poll?

        • Go for it! I’m looking forward to it… if I know you, it’ll be a goodie!

          Naw… never watched the Honeymooners. I know the show and the famous quotes, but never watched it. Sorry…:(

  1. As I was saying last night, and now I will say again, you never cease to amaze me. This is the first time ever, that an online friend has shown me pictures of her brain. While I already knew that your brain is well endowed, now we have proof! Nice lobes babe!

  2. Bless technology and the images it can get these days. Look at you and your amazing pictures! I’m particularly fascinated by how prominent the eyes are and by the curlycues in the nose (third pic from bottom). Hope these pics prove useful to your specialist.

    I suffered with what the docs thought were migraines for several decades until CT scans were invented and revealed a congenital sinus malformation that was correctable with surgery. May technology always advance faster than our problems!

    • I love you commenting on my posts! And I’m going to have some fun with all the images I have. But it will take me a while… Hopefully by this weekend I can upload it. 😆 (devious grin)

  3. hi… I too arrived via Guapamole… I think it is very grape of you to share the deepest parts of yourself like that! Maybe next time you could get an FMRI so we can see some color, like green bean, or watermelon red. I think that brain scans canned peas the basis for an entire strawberry batch of art.
    well done and nice to meetcha!!!

    • Pleasure to meetcha, too! Oh, I have some plans for all the scans and it should be good. Will just take me a while. But adding color isn’t a bad thought. Hmmm…..

    • Oh, holy crap! You have MS, too! I don’t know if you caught that in my scans, but I’m a recent diagnosis, so still jumping through all the test hoops, and waiting to get the proper med’s. I will probably bug you just to find out your experiences. Cool! (well, not cool you have MS, but cool to meetcha!)

      • so sorry to disappoint you, though I have had more than my share of MRI’s, et al, not for MS. – unless you weren’t talking to me… I get confused sometimes…
        I do however have experience with chronic and worsening conditions, so if I can be of help in the coping department, feel free to bug anytime!!!

        • Oh, your pingback you left earlier wasn’t to your site. I thought it was, which is the Hobbler. Okay… I get it. Thanks, though, for your support and offer to bug. You never know, I just may do so.

    • Don’t believe it She!!!
      BuddhaKat is exactly is that weird all the time.
      But you shouldn’t carrot all. She has a great sense of humor!

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