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Albuquerque Man Registers His Dog to Vote

An Albuquerque, New Mexico man says he successfully registered his dog, Buddy, to vote as a registered Democrat in Bernalillo County. The dog owner said he saw a voter registration booth on the University of New Mexico’s campus a few weeks ago and decided to see how easy it would be to register his dog to vote.

He said he was trying to expose the problems with the registration system. He said he just received the dog’s voter registration card in the mail Wednesday, and it was way too easy. The story in the news coverage in this video.

Interesting twist however when it was found out that Thomas Tolbert, a Republican, is married to a senior campaign staff member of U.S. Senate candidate Heather Wilson (R), and could soon face felony voter registration fraud charges.

Political action committee Progress New Mexico said Tolbert’s wife, and the dog’s other owner is Heather Wade, a staff member on the Heather Wilson’s Senate campaign. Tolbert said his wife did not have any part in registering the couple’s dog to vote.

Thursday night, Tolbert issued an apology to his wife, the Bernalillo County Clerk, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and the public.

“There’s absolutely nothing on the card that would red flag it for us,” County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver said. “It’s complete, the questions were answered properly. There was a Social Security number that was unique; it doesn’t match any other social security number in our system.”

But Toulouse Oliver admits there should be stricter policies on proving who you are to register and to vote. “Ideally we should have a better system.”

You think?

I’m willing to bet that Buddy will NOT vote for Mitt.


    • Yeah. And New Mexico is also one of the most lax states on getting a drivers license, too. A few years ago, a law was supposed to go in effect that in order for any NM resident to be able to fly a commercial flight, they’d have to have a passport for ID proof. It’s so easy to get a license here, which is why so many illegals come here to do so. Oh, they postponed that passport law. Not sure why. Assuming because it would have affected so many people who truly are US citizens and residents of NM. Like me, for one. I don’t have a passport.

  1. I saw this on the news and LMAO! Then to threaten him with felony charges because of their broken system? That was just too much…

  2. My immediate reaction when I read the first couple lines of your post, was to smile – but then I had an almost immediate “Uh Oh” thought, which included the word “prosecution”. Which in this case, while technically justified, it’s really more like punishing the messenger for delivering the message that the voter registration system here is deeply flawed and needs to be fixed.

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