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The Money Face

Love the idea on the website, The 99% Behind the Money. This site features photos of a face on a paper bill (i.e. Jackson on the US $20) that morph into your friends real face. It is real simple to do. Basically, you take a paper bill, fold it in half. Than position it between the camera and the subject (person) to be in the photograph until the bill face matches the real face. Then shoot away! When you have just what you want, you may upload and share on this website for shits and giggles.

This website is called “The 99% Behind the Money“. Here is how it was started:

We’ve got a passion for the Occupy Wall Street movement and wanted to bring awareness to what it’s all about. Something fun with money seemed the perfect answer.

One day, we (Paul and Ben) were looking at an amazingly fun “money face” post on Reddit. We covered the post on Visual News and it made people smile. Problem solved.

Here are some of what I thought were the better images. The ones of Lincoln are my favorite overall.

Click on any thumbnail to view in full size. You may then toggle through at your own pace.


Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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