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Fish That Walk

The mudskipper. A fish that has fins which have evolved so that they are able to use them as arms in order to travel across land. Plus some other incredible features unique to themselves. Talk about an masterpiece in evolution – only the strongest survive. And they wanted to survive. I am familiar with the mudskipper – probably saw them originally on Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”… but I do not recall having seen them up close and personal as shown in this short video from National Geographic. I love how their dorsal fin flares up making them look prehistoric.

I sat in awe while watching this, rather feeling like a child again with a new discovery. So, I thought I would share this for others who enjoy nature and love to marvel and wonder at something so incredible – and hopefully like I did, you will feel that magic which is experienced when discovering something for the first time.

I wonder if they’re any good fried and served with chips and vinegar….



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