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Super Tuesday | Let the Games Begin!

Well, here it is. Super Tuesday has finally arrived. This has been one of the most interesting primaries in history. I often feel as though I am watching an old reel of The Three Stooges, while at the same time trying to decide which person would best fill the shoes as POTUS. And boy, oh boy… am I having a tough time with that one. I keep having this visual scene playing in my head that I just cannot shake….

The three leaders of the GOP are walking through the White House together. One is carrying a ladder, another a piece of lumber and the third, paint. Then the comedy of errors start…. Mitt (Curly), who is carrying the lumber on his shoulder, turns and hits Santorum (Moe) in the head thus knocking him down. The ladder being carried by Santorum smashes into the portrait of Marilyn Monroe that was given to JFK and it crashes to the floor. Finishing off the mess, Newt (Larry) who is carrying the paint, stumbles over the human pile causing a wave of bright red paint to drown Marilyn. And we can’t forget about Ron Paul (Shemp)… he is just peeking around the corner shaking his head and chuckling to himself at the insanity of it all.

Personally, I am rooting for Mitt. Oh, he is most definitely out of touch with society these days having been born with a platinum jewel-encrusted spoon in his mouth, but I find him to be the least offensive and the most entertaining.

Santorum? Nope. He started a war on women and wants women’s rights to up and disappear like a fart in the wind. I have zero respect for this poor excuse of a human and I will leave it at that.

Gingrich? Oh, he’s just kind of stumbling around rather lost. I think he is still dreaming of his moon colony.

And then there’s Ron Paul. Ol’ Grandpa. You just have to love his smile his common sense. But Ron here wants to turn our country into a free-for-all and just let each state decide on what to do. Get rid of federal programs, such as the EPA. Seriously, our country would turn into something that resembles a birthday party for six-year-olds all hyped up on sugar, caffeine, no parents, and clowns running the show.

Back to Mitt…. If he should win the primaries, I do so look forward to the debates between Romney and Obama. I will be sure to bring the popcorn as the debates will prove to be completely and entirely entertaining.

Oh, yeah… I just wanted to point you to a posting by The Byronic Man called “Mitt Romney: Make Politics Hilarious Again.” Absolutely incredible post. Make sure to check it out. Humorous, yet sadly truthful.

nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…


  1. I think you might like a post if you haven’t seen it that I did a while back. It was when we had a lot more candidates, and I tries to be pretty fair to all of them…some good stuff some bad. Actually I didn’t write it, I let the media and the candidates speak for themselves:

  2. Hmm. I think I’d rather Santorum got the nomination, as he would be much easier to defeat.
    Despite romneys cluelessness, I think he might be able to gather more votes, whereas Romney has probably poisoned the non-ultra-conservative well against himself.

  3. If only the truth was as funny as your Stooges story and photos! Ten years ago, if an author wrote a fictitious political novel about the Republican primaries and used exactly what has really happened in the GOP primaries of 2012 for his story line, he’d get laughed out of every publishing house and book venue in America! Because what has actually happened is so ridiculous that you couldn’t make this stuff up, even by calling it fiction.
    Then as you realize that it’s all true, and it’s still happening right now, it’s harder to feel like laughing…

  4. This is wonderfully hysterical!!! And the picture is perfect!!!!! Yup, I think I’ll be stocking up on popcorn for sure!

  5. Michelle, u read my mind with the 3 stooges pic…a post i have waiting is just that. anyway, what a circus…i sure hope they haven’t rigged everything enuf ie the machines, the voter ID, the gerrymandering, etc etc fingers crossed. continue…

    • I’m not going to say this because I support Obama… I’m saying this because is the simply the truth… anyone with a nickel’s worth of brains would agree… If ANY of the GOP candidates beats Obama, it is most definitely rigged.

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