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Madhouse Jeans Washing Label Tells Men that Washing is a Woman’s Job

A British clothing company known as Madhouse has put a statement on the washing label, immediately underneath the washing instructions such as “Machine wash warm”, that says, ” – OR – GIVE IT TO YOUR WOMAN. IT’S HER JOB.”

Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor at The Daily Telegraph, tweeted a photo of the label in addition to her shock. Naturally, she received an enormous amount of replies covering the entire spectrum ranging from “lighten up” and “learn how to take a joke”  to tweeters who informed Emma they would boycott Madhouse jeans – although many of them had never heard of the company.

I am a rather outspoken women who has clearly made it known on this site that I fully support women’s rights and equality. However, when I saw the article in Huffington Post about Emma’s tweet and her photo of the label, personally…. I thought it was funny. No, not “ROTFLMAO” funny, but humorous enough to put a smile on my face and chuckle a bit.

Especially in light of the recent eruption of the Republican’s “War on Women” which I ranted about previously in this site, I do believe that it is healthy to joke about the stupidity of mankind – meaning human, not XY chromosomal mankind. Some people may argue that this label will encourage men to further believe they are the dominate sex – for the most part, this is just not true. If any man sees this label and takes it to be the gospel, then they had that belief inside of them long before the creation of Madhouse jeans.

Sometimes we do just need to “lighten up, Francis” and laugh about the odd behavior, past and present, of our species.

This same Huffington Post article also features a few photos of what they thought the labels should say such as “IF I AM PLEATED, JUST THROW ME AWAY,” “IN THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS, YOU BOTH WEAR THE PANTS,” and “I DO NOT BELONG ON THE FLOOR.” Personally, I thought their sayings were rather lame, so I created a few of my own….





  1. I love your labels! Especially the last one. And I agree, a pair of jeans isn’t going to make someone into a chauvinist. But you must admit there are some pretty impressionable people out there and I’m sure there are a few that would take it literally. That’s why they have to put those disclaimers on the car adverts “professional stunt driver…do not try this at home.” I think it’s hilarious but there are some amazingly stupid people on the planet who take all the fun out of it.

  2. Michelle, your labels are great and very amusing! 🙂 And thanks so much for the humor, cause after I just finished my reply to your World Press Photo Winners, I was on the verge of jumping out a window – but not to worry… because it was a first floor window. Laughter is not only good for the soul, sometimes it can be the salvation of our soul, so thanks for the laughs!

  3. Yep. But still not as bad as falling off a two story high extension ladder like I did a while back, when I was between jobs and painting houses for a living. I was grateful to land in the bushes that time. It broke my fall – instead of breaking my back.

    • I fell rock climbing when I was on lead. Due to the mechanics of the situation, which included a lot of slack as I was just about to clip into the next draw, and the fact I was about ten feet above my last piece of protection (my hold just blew, didn’t feel it coming) – I fell about 25 feet and literally bounced on my ass off of a huge boulder right underneath the climb. LOL… luckily the reason I bounced was because I was actually just bottoming out the stretch in the rope, so I didn’t hit full force. But I did bounce!

  4. You’re a good sport Michelle! (he says optimistically)

    Big bottomed babes just bounce their buns off the boulders when they fall – No problem at all! Those shapely ladies are the masters of the ropes on the slopes, and if a man gets lucky, well he’ll be doing that bouncing thing with her bouncing butt on the mattress springs!

  5. I sense a parting shot about to be delivered – which means that it’s a good thing that you don’t live next door or your parting shot would be delivered to my head!

  6. Nobody has the right to not be offended.

    “You have adults going, “I was offended! I was offended!” Well, so what? Be offended! Nothing happens! You’re an adult, grow up, deal with it. “But I was offended!” I don’t care! Nothing happens when you’re offended. It’s not like, “I went to a comedy show, and the comedian said something about the Lord, and I was offended, and when I woke up in the morning, I had leprosy!” Nothing happens. “I want to live in a democracy, but I never want to be offended again!” Well, you’re an idiot.”

    — Steve Hughes, Comedian

  7. Personally I find the label offensive. I know people say you should lighten up and its just a joke but there is so much sexism in every country all the time and its still acceptable in the 21st century. As a women I have been called a walking vagina, a slut, a whore, a bitch, a cunt by men for simply having an opinion. If there was a joke about black people on the label of the pants im sure everyone wouldnt be taking it as just a joke. Infact im sure there would be uproar over it. What if the label said or just give it to a black person, its there job to wash your clothes. Not so funny any more is it? its racist and its no longer a joke because racism is taken seriously. Yet somehow because its sexism its not taken seriously. The sad fact is that even in the most developed countrys sexism is everywhere. More men then not still believe that a womans place is in the kitchen, a man is better than a woman in every way and women are nothing more than baby factorys. Im going to get brushed off as just another feminist but I wonder.. what do you call somebody who fights for the rights of gay people or black people or jews? you call them a human rights activist! somebody who fights for the rights of women is a feminist, the word itself isnt even taken seriously. Why is this? and god for a bid a women should be open about her feminist opinions, shes slapped down, called a stupid bitch and told to shut up and take a joke, the only problem is is that sexism is not a joke, its a reality for women all over the world and its not funny!

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