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A Motorcycle-Riding Dog Named, well… Dog!

This dog, whose name is “Dog,” is incredibly amazing! Literally rides behind his master, Gary Miller, on his motorcycle, proudly sporting his goggles and hangs on to Gary “like a backpack.” I know none of my dogs would every be able to accomplish anything like this, plus I would be terrified of them jumping off and hurting themself. It is very easy to see that Gary adores Dog and would never risk any injury to his best friend, and feels that Dog does just fine riding shotgun.

Oh, speaking of dog, a little side-note here… We have a Bouvier-cross rescue here for a few days for grooming and then to the vet to be spayed. Then she’s off to her new home. And she is PRECIOUS!!!! I brought her out of her crate to say hello and she (all sixty pounds of her) crawled in my lap and wrapped her forelegs around me and hugged away! I fell in love!!! I will take photos and upload to share after she’s groomed.

Back to the video… Enjoy! Oh, and feel free to check out my photoshop creation of a Jack Russell riding a “Dogati” motorcycle.

Carolina Camera: The Original Motorcycle Dog



    • LOL! Yeah. I still wouldn’t let me dog ride with me mainly because I’m afraid of my poor ability of driving a motorcycle than I would be the dog jumping off.

  1. What a cool way to start my day. I’d settle for a dog that just enjoys riding in the car with me (mine gets very anxious, drools like a garden hose, and gets carsick).

    • I’ve found three videos of this pair that are pretty much the same thing, all by North Carolina TV stations. Locations mentioned in them are Troy and Roxboro, NC – two locations about 2-3 hours apart in the central part of the state. I can’t pin down a date but Carolina Camera was a series by WBTV-TV in Charlotte from 1970 to 1990 (they brought it back in 2010.) I also found one by a reporter for WTVD-TV and that reporter started working for that station in 1980.

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