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Student’s Hands and Feet Zip-Tied and Charged with Battery

Earlier in 2011, a Stockton CA student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and was charged with battery on a police officer. Michael Davis is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. His mother says it has led to fights at school.

Doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary when considering that we are seeing a growing amount of violence from students, right? Well, there is one thing about Michael I have not mentioned yet…

Michael is five-years-old.

Thelma Gary, the boy’s mother, states that, “He’s very loving. He’s a good kid and he’s not the discipline problem that he was made out to be.” Those discipline problems include fights with other students, even throwing a chair.

Gray says the school, Rio Calaveras Elementary of Stockton, wanted to change that behavior by having Michael meet with a school police officer. You know, one of those “scared straight” meetings. But the meeting didn’t go as planned. Michael was agitated when the officer entered the room, and the whole meeting ended with Michael arrested and cuffed, with zip ties on his hands and his feet. In the police report, the officer, Lt. Frank Gordo, explained how “the boy pushed my hand away in a batting motion, pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee.” When Michael wouldn’t calm down, Gordo cuffed Michael’s hands and feet with zip ties and took the boy to the Stockton Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital in the back of a squad car.

The officer ended up citing Michael for battery on a police officer, however a juvenile court judge eventually dismissed the battery charges against the boy.

I am just sitting here shaking my head. So many things I would like to say about this, but cannot find the words. It is just sad, very sad. The direction our country is turning is truly a frightening thing. Values and morals are disappearing while control and corruption grow. And poor Michael. I am sure this incident has scared him for the rest of his life. He will always think of a police officer as the enemy, not as a friend. Honestly, I don’t care if the boy had kicked Officer Gordo in the nuts… there was absolutely NO reason to use this type of restraint against him. Call in the principal, teachers, someone, anyone. If Gordo had to use zip ties on a 5-year-old child, then what is this officer going to do when he feels threatened by a full-sized adult? I shudder.

Alas… the days of Mayberry with Sheriff Andy Taylor have now gone the way of the dinosaurs.


    • I think it’s because of the type of people who are now attracted to the role of an officer. With it being such a dangerous job now, your average citizen with families don’t want to risk their lives as the number of policemen killed has shot up dramatically. So now the type of person to become an officer loves the risk involved and thrives off of the power.

  1. This story is pathetic, but it would be poetic justice if that cop was turned into a derisive and humiliating internet joke that goes viral! Do we have any photos of the Officer who can’t control a 5 year old boy without making an arrest???

  2. Oh dear…this makes me want to weep.. in 10 years or so you’ll all be reading about Michael shooting up the school or something and everyone will wonder why.. sickening.
    Of course more police are getting killed when almost anyone can have a gun in America….it’s crazy !

    • I’m sure we will be. But it’s not the legal guns that kill the majority of the time. It’s the illegal guns. And if we were to ban guns entirely here, they’ll still come in over the border, and the cartel will make even more money since it will become a monopoly. Is there a good answer? No, not really.

      • I know we have had this discussion !! Forgive me but I think the guns over the border has always been used as reason not to ban them but doesn’t hold water for me.. I’m not saying the police and army shouldn’t be armed just not everyone in every street! Having lots of legal guns around that can easily be stolen or used when someone ( thought of to be ok ) suddenly goes off on one just doesn’t make sense. A legal gun becomes an illegal gun as soon as someone has broken into a house, store or wherever to get one. Americans feel they need a gun for self defense ..why? so many other countried in the world don’t need them? They are needed because so may others have them… it’s sort of self perpetuating
        I think I’ve said before guns are only designed for killing.. you can’t make an omelette, paint a house or change a baby’s nappy with one 😀

        Rant over ( I promise not to mention it again 🙂 Honest! )

        • Nooooo… you are fine! You may rant all you want. Honestly, when it comes to guns, I waver back and forth, pro and con. I grew up around them – but very responsibly. But it’s not the same world anymore. I do not own one anymore and will not own one anymore. I’m more afraid of someone taking it from me and using it because I’m not sure I’d ever be able to actually point and shoot it even if I was being attacked. And now, our judicial system is so screwed up that families of a robber who broke in someones home was shot and killed are now suing the home owner… and winning! Or the person who legally owns a gun and does use it to protect his own property against a criminal ends up getting some stupid-ass charge thrown at him because (for example) the criminal broke into their car or home, was shot at buy the property owner, but since they weren’t carrying a gun, then the property owner is charged. I just don’t get it anymore.

          I have noticed that so many other countries do not have gun laws like we do here and there appears to be much less killings because of it.

  3. Michelle, between you and me, (and the world i guess) i have always disliked cops…a lot. many of them would have been thugs – and as cops they’re legal thugs. no surprises here. continue…

    • Yes, there are a lot that are not good people. I’m rather split in the middle. But now, unlike when I was younger, when I first meet a cop, I assume they’re a dick until they prove otherwise to me.

  4. I don’t know where this trend will end, but it scares me. More and more schools are having students arrested for misbehaving, and more and more cops are grossly overreacting, as this one did. Whatever happened to trips to the principal’s office and detention? Why are cops no longer tempering their reactions to people they confront? Locally, a 6th grade girl was “sassing and being rude” to her teacher; she was arrested, cuffed, and taken to jail! I just don’t get it.

      • I’ve grown wary of cops because of all the negative stories in the news (including here in Denver where there are reports of assaults by people posing as cops and where the city keeps re-hiring cops after they’ve been fired for assaulting citizens and/or lying on reports). I can’t imagine how I’d feel if at some point I’d been unfairly cuffed and arrested, or tasered, or even just verbally assaulted.

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