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The Parting Shot for March 13, 2012


Photo credit:  Karen Summers


  1. Wow! What a fab picture. You do know that the owl is the symbol of Mensa… thought I read that you also belonged. If not it’s time to take the test girlfriend. Goddess knows you’re bright and witty enough 🙂

    • I belong. In fact, I just renewed my membership and received my card in the mail the other day. I hadn’t been a paying member in years – since I lived in Indiana. I used to go to the meetings in Indpls and really enjoyed them a lot. Altho there were some people so smart, they were complete social morons. It was like talking to a brick wall – unless you could talk quantum physics….

      • ahahaha. same reason I haven’t been to a meeting in years -and never the annual July 4th weekend convention. social cretins.
        Yeah actually renewed my membership this year -first time in two years. Have no idea why.
        Did you notice that no matter how many years you go -even without paying dues- your membership number is still the same?
        KNEW you were a genius 😉

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