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Right Wing-Nut VA Sen. Ryan McDougle’s Facebook Page Slammed with Transvaginal Comments

It appears that Virgina Senator McDougle’s (R) support for trans-vaginal ultrasound legislation has not gone over too well with at least a few folks, judging from the raunchy comments being left on his Facebook page. Staff has caught wind of the comments and have now deleted them all. But some smart cookie got some nice screen shots before the censoring commenced. Here are a few quotes as well as some screen shots. Some very creative people out there. Kudos to you all!

First, though, is my favorite which is Tawny Rollins comment which appears further down in the screen shots:

Tawny Rollins: “You know, Senator, I’ve wished all my life that a man would know more about my own vaginal issues than I do, and now you’re here! So here it goes, during my last period, I had to use the Super tampons because I had some chunky blood issues. You know, that pesky uterus and all. Maybe you could tell my uterus that all the blood will ooze out in its own time, and not to rush itself into shooting clots out every month. Also, I find it very inconvenient that I wake up in a pool of my own blood on the first and second days of my period. Maybe you can help a sister out?” YOU GO, TAWNY!!! INTERNET HIGH-FIVE!!

“Quick question for you-is it normal for my period to sync up with other female-bodied people? After doing the Vagina Monologues with 12 others, I got my period sooner! Gosh, ladybits are just so weird and confusing-but I don’t have to worry about stuff like that now that you’re looking out for me! …And my vagina. And cervix. And uterus. And ovaries. Thanks for keeping my pretty little head from even having to think about ‘down there’, Senator Garrett!”

“Hey, since you’re so interested in my health, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been really horny lately because I’m ovulating. But don’t worry; I won’t engage in dangerous heterosexual sex that could result in a pregnancy. This is because I’m a really fat and hairy Lesbian and I plan on having sex with women for the rest of my life, the really butchy dykey kind. The current object of my affections, and central character in the majority of the sexual fantasies at the moment, is Alison Bechdel (pictured below). Thanks for showing me the light in regards to my own sexual health, in affirming that having sex with men in more trouble than it’s worth. The fact that women are sexier anyway, it just a happy coincidence.”

“Hello Senator. My daughter is still young, but will one day be a woman, and before I know it she’ll be having her ‘curse,’ if ya know what I mean… it’s not easy for kids, especially females, to have to deal with this fact of life. I don’t raise my kids to be Christian, even though some of my best friends are, and they have family in Thailand, so essentially they’re half Buddhist. My question to you is, is religion aside, what should she expect from a government here in the U.S. that wants to probe her vagina? How do I explain to her the whole ‘good touch, bad touch’ thing when politicians think it’s acceptable to explore vaginas with plastic instruments? Also, is this part of a plan to create jobs somehow?”


  1. I don’t know the back story to this, but he sure did open that can of worms. Then shook them out all over his head, and shouted about them to make sure everyone knew.


  2. Looks like we’re on the same wavelength this morning. After finishing my post and then reading this one, I’m ready to scream. Again. And my blood pressure is going up. Again. I’m going out for some air …

    • Oh, crickey. Now what? I’m at work so haven’t checked out new posts, and can’t until i get home – otherwise I’ll get too distracted and not get work done. And I’m swamped today.

    • Not a problem. I just wish I had been able to comment before his staff caught wind. That would have been so FUN!!!! I still commented on one of his pages from last year, I think, when he was announcing he was running again for office.

  3. Good luck getting reelected McDougle! Cause these women are furious with you and your kind, and they won’t forget! You’re goin’ down!

    Keep up the great work, Michelle!

      • They’re riding a false sense of empowerment because of the recent success of The Tea Party. A majority of Americans who live politically in the center, are soon going to drive the Tea Party back to the lunatic fringe where it belongs, and these guys are going down too!

  4. Haha, well thank you very much. I thought it was a middle of the night, “I’m exhausted but I must make a post” rambling personally, usually I’m much more concise with my words.

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