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FOX News Killed My Mother

Sounds like political satire, right? Not in this case. I know many people are anti-Facebook for several reasons. But I have found Facebook to be beneficial, especially with keeping up in the news. I am careful as to who I friend and not afraid to “unfriend” someone if their main purpose is to be an asshole. But I love it as a one-stop source for my news. I “Like” many legitimate pages, and last night, this first image below, created by Tracy Knauss, came across Keith Olbermann’s page.

Although Tracy Knauss is using his own personal wall for his work – meaning he does not have a “page” – it appears as though he is keeping his postings purely “business.” On Facebook, one of the new recent changes is that anyone has the option to “subscribe” to someone rather than having to “friend” them, in which case you will only see the public postings appear on your wall when posted. I actually did both with Tracy because I love his satirical work and respect the messages he sends.

Apparently, this first one titled, “FOX News Killed My Mother” has stirred up quite a bit of talk and went viral. Sadly, this first one below is NOT satire but is the truth. Tracy’s explanation is below the image. Will this insanity from the Republican Party and their groupies such as FOX News ever cease?

FOX News Killed My Mother

Tracy Knauss: “This is not my normal political satire. This is the truth. For real. FOX NEWS KILLED MY MOTHER — For about 20% of Americans, many of them older and/or uneducated, Fox News is the main source of information. But rest assured Fox is not about news any more than it’s fair and balanced. FOX is the main propaganda arm for the Republican Party and America’s plutocrats. It is THE worst of the corporate owned media. FOX’s founder, Roger Ailes, was the top media consultant to the last four Republican presidents. No way was he going to create a fair or balanced news media. FOX News is killing America one lie at a time, one life at a time. I know this personally. FOX News killed my precious mother, Hallie.

She watched FOX religiously. And when she fell ten days before she died, she refused to go to the doctor because, “I don’t want Obamacare to get all of my information! she declared, recalling the warnings from FOX News “anchors.” She was emphatic. She was not going to consort with the muslim enemy. As she made out her will she told her lawyer, “I don’t want any of my money going to the Muslim Brotherhood!” And her last protestation dealt with “Obama’s death panels.” Mother died just days later. I hold FOX News responsible for my mother’s death.

Thomas Jefferson commented with great hope that he was confident in the capacity of Americans to make wise decisions, depending upon the quality and veracity of information provided in the public square. Unfortunately his worst fears have been realized. He did not anticipate private subscription cable news service whereby a person can feed their limited world vision with hate and fear, instead of hope and goodness. It’s no wonder Canada doesn’t let FOX News establish their tentacles there. Yes, it was my mother’s decision to watch FOX News, but in her generation the Fairness Doctrine itself indoctrinated Americans to believe anything said on the “news” channels. Somewhere along the way the Fairness Doctrine was eclipsed by the greedy pursuit of money and ideology. A station like FOX should never have been issued a broadcast permit. Its obscenity is found in its banal distribution of faux news, lies, and innuendo, in its deathly doses of vitriol, which, if taken daily, leads to death of one’s brain, one’s soul and one’s nation. It’s time for the survivors to fight back against this FOX News death machine.”

Here are a few more GREAT Photoshopped images by Tracy along with his explanation.

The Lone Star State Rape

Tracy: “Rape by the state is now in effect in Texas and Virginia, and being proposed by GOPers in several other Republican controlled states. No Democrats are passing laws like this. It is the Republican Party that has become America’s Taliban by methodically assaulting women’s rights. The Texas law does not provide for free and voluntary consent by the woman. The law states that before the sonogram that is conducted prior to an abortion, the pregnant woman must sign a form that is called the “abortion and sonogram election,” which includes the statements that “Texas law requires that I receive a sonogram prior to receiving an abortion,” and that she is “making this election of my own free will and without coercion.”

How is this voluntary consent when the ultrasound is mandated by law? When our planet is dying from global warming, over population, pollution, etc., what possible reasons can legislators have to pass laws like this, which is tantamount to state rape.”

State Rape

Tracy: “Texas Governor, Rick Perry, the failed presidential candidate who wants big government out of our lives, signed a law requiring transvaginal ultrasounds for women exercising free choice in their reproductive rights. This law is now in effect in Texas. And a woman has to sign an affidavit swearing this was done with her consent!! What a crock of crap. We’re living in a despotic country when old men can legislate what women can and can’t do with their bodies. The male dominated theocracy rises again. When our planet is dying from global warming, over population, pollution, etc., what possible reason can legislators have to pass laws like this, which are tantamount to state rape?!”

American Taliban

Tracy:  “From the Supreme Court’s refusal to enforce equal pay for equal work for women, to several states enacting legislation amounting to “State Rape,” America is entering a Dark Age in which women’s rights are under extreme assault by the political and religious right. Ironically, the GOP which claims to fight for “less government and less regulation” is THE party behind the new series of laws stifling women’s reproductive, socioeconomic, civil and political rights. This must end. We the people must stand with our women and fight this insanity.”

GOP: Killing Women’s Rights

Tracy:  “From their near unanimous vote to deny women equal pay for equal work, to their passage of bills requiring transvaginal ultrasounds, today’s GOP is quickly becoming our nation’s taliban. Hiding behind religious prerogatives, they act with misogynistic zeal. Claiming it’s all about religious freedom, the GOP’s collective actions both in Congress and in numerous state houses reveal a dangerous movement to stifle women’s rights: both reproductive, socioeconomic and political. All caring people must rise to put a stop to this insane race to the cliff’s edge. They’ve destroyed their own party, but the GOP must not be allowed to destroy our nation. Stand for our women, NOW!”

Banned by Facebook – Sorry, I have no other information than what it says in the drawing.

Although I think Tracy should have used Santorum rather than Newt.


  1. I do not understand what in the ________is going on here. Why are women getting all bent out of shape over this? If a female wants an abortion than she needs to accept everything that goes along with it. They don’t want a doctor sticking a thing up there women parts, OK I don’t blame them I don’t like it either but it‘s a fact of life. I want to make sure I don’t have ovarian cancer or something like that. Do these same women refuse to go the thy gynecologist cause they don’t want to be “raped” by the doctor? If they don’t want this ultra sound they never should have laid down with a male and spread her legs. Obviously these women don’t want men touching them down there but they did at one time. Grow up women you won already abortion is legal but if you want to exercise your right as a women to have one accept everything that goes along with it. Oh and by the way just in case you did not know, when the doctor does perform the abortion he is going to be entering your women cave with a meat grinder, how did you think they where going to remove the baby, oops sorry fetus.

    • Oh, my… I doubt this will do any good, but I’ll give it a try. Ovarian cancer? That’s not what the wand is looking for. Requiring a vaginal wand is in no way, shape or form a “fact of life.” There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever for this procedure. None. The purpose is purely a mental game to dissuade against aborting the child. A trip to the gynecologist is a choice, it is not a law. Huge difference. Never should have laid down with a male and spread her legs??? Oh, my. Are you a Santorum groupie? This sounds as though you think sex is dirty. Do you think that most women are getting abortions for birth control? So, when a women is grabbed by some stranger, thrown down in an alley and about to be raped, you think she willingly spreads her legs??? Rape is violence. And please, I hope you are not thinking that a woman deserves it if she’s by herself at night, or wearing something skimpy. Please, don’t.

      Abortion is ugly. Most women are NOT pro-abortion. I most certainly am NOT pro-abortion. However, most women, including myself, are pro-choice. I, as do many people, do not believe life begins at conception. There is scientific fact supporting this. What is your proof that life begins at conception? The bible? Oh, puh-leeze…. These laws are being written by men and are based upon biblical beliefs. I am an atheist – and you’d be surprised just how many atheists there are now. These laws infringe upon MY right to Freedom of Religion, aka the First Amendment. The transvaginal wand law is purely written in a vindictive nature by men who will never have to worry about having a wand shoved up their vagina, never have to worry about being pregnant, miscarriage, giving birth, etc.

      So, I suggest that you grow up. There is nothing useful about this law and has been written and passed by men who only wish one or both of two things: Keep women subservient, and/or against abortion. Since Roe vs Wade stands, abortion is legal. But that doesn’t mean that anti-choicers will not do anything and everything they can to make an already difficult decision even more traumatic for women.

      Also, when you are sick, do you go to the doctor? Or do you go to your politician? With these laws, the politicians are attempting to play doctor. An abortion is a medical issue, not a political one. And it should remain solely within the medical community. Additionally, so many of these laws being passed are by Republicans who hate Obama and/or hate the Democratic party. They are doing anything and everything they can to stir up shit, and draw attention away from the fact the POTUS Obama is helping out country, and has a very good chance of being re-elected. Do you not realize that we are all martyrs in our country? The two parties cannot get along – and this does go both ways. But the Republicans have opening admitted they want “their primary goad is to see that Obama is a one-term President.”

      Oh, by the way… read this article. Perhaps this may enlighten you as to what abortion and the decision for abortion really is about – as well as what this women had to endure. Please, if you want to better understand the truth of what’s going on, please read: ‘We Have No Choice’: One Woman’s Ordeal with Texas’ New Sonogram Law

      • Thank you as I could not have said it better. No one that I know is pro abortion. It’s a very difficult choice and not made lightly. I too am atheist and more and more will be as these brain washed imbeciles will become extinct. They have conducted fMRI’s in 2009 in a researchers lab in London and they surprisingly found two distinct differences in the brains of those who are conservative and those liberal. The conservative has an enlarged amygdala. The reason we know of what this means is it’s only found in animals that are vicious and mean. Kind of sounds like a party with no empathy and pushing their religion on many. And their ACC in the cortex is under developed. That’s where critical thinking takes place. No wonder they have no use for facts. It’s like trying to see the color yellow when one has no eyes. They just can’t see the value of facts. So, to the ugly woman who first expressed her “ridiculous and void of facts” comment, I hope you take that bible with you to your grave so that both of you can disintegrate and your elements will return to the earth-unable to harm anymore.

        By the way, any who have been moved by Tracy Knauss and his passionate posts, please call your favorite pundit and ask them to put Tracy on their show-even if only a few minutes. He has worked hard to do the right thing, is very good at what he does and moves many people, and now I think he needs to move up and reach more for he so wants to impact people in the right way. So, please all, I am writing Maddow-please do what you can. Passion is what is needed now. He has inspired many-lets get him to a place where many can benefit from this inspirational writer/artist/activist/and empathetic human being who has impact on so many!

        Thank you,

        Gigi Jacobs

        • Tracy is awesome, that’s for sure. Both his political views and his Photoshop work, too.

          Curious… would you have a link or any info available about that research? Very VERY interesting…. and honestly, doesn’t surprise me in the least. I do find them as a less civilized, more of a “gimme gimme gimme” group of people, and this is a very interesting to explain why some of them are as such. Of course there are many who probably don’t have the same brain features as found in Republicans but are Republican just because they grew up that way; brainwashed; etc. Or they’re moderate. Or hopefully, they’ll see the light and leave that horrid party.

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