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The Joys of Coming Home to Your Pet

All devoted dog and cat owners love arriving home to their pets. The wagging tails, the bright eyes, the wet sloppy licks, the purring and rubbing up against your legs… But sometimes…

… you come home to this…



Here are some more hilarious home redecorating done mostly by dogs, but sometimes the cats do help out. Don’t they all look so innocent? I’m sure the dog would tell you that the cat did it. And the cat would tell you the dog did it. It’s probably more along the lines of a community effort.


“It wasn’t me! I swear! Someone broke in and I was soooo scared!”



Maybe this is what they do during the day when you’re away at work…


Hmmmmm… there is dog food and water bowls in this picture, but no dogs. Kitty? What did you two do with the dogs?


Guess he got tired of the cat being able to come and go, so he did some resizing.


Your dogs way of telling you that the wallpaper is so gauche.


You have to admit, this looks pretty darn comfy.


It’s a good thing Mr. Whipple can’t see this….


And who is the smart one here?


And after a long day of redecorating your home…


  1. Great pictures! I had two German shepherds. I had to kennel my lady when I went to work because she was destructo-dog. I came home one day to find that my man dog had released the little demon from her kennel (I hated to do that!) and my drapes were in shreds and my duvet was in the bathtub in a million bits of fluff. My german doggies now live on a ranch where they can patrol the perimeter in dog heaven. I couldn’t give them enough to do. 😦 I miss them very much but I know they are happier.

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