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Zimmerman’s Brother on CNN’s Piers Morgan | Exclusive Interview

An exclusive interview was just aired on CNN with Piers Morgan interviewing Robert Zimmerman Jr, who is brother to George Zimmerman – the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

No need to go into all the details of this event. It has been all over the airwaves, the internet waves, and the radio waves. We all know the story and the controversy surrounding it. This actually is my first posting about this incident. I have very closely been reading and watching this grow, however, after seeing this interview, I decided it was time for me to have my say.

It was difficult for me to watch this interview in it’s entirety. In fact, I wandered in and out of the room after Robert would say something that completely made my blood boil. For example….

One thing that Robert Zimmerman told Piers was that his brother, George, was “very disappointed that none of the neighbors came out to help him” during the fight.

Excuse me? Did I just hear you right, Robert? That George is disappointed that no one came to his “rescue…..”

Well, FIRST of all… there should not have been a fight occurring for anyone to have to come to your aid. Had you listened to the police and NOT followed Trayvon, then none of this would have happened. You would be at your home safe and sound, drinking a beer and eating a pizza, rather than living in fear for your life as you are now. Trayvon would have made it home for the second half of the NBC game. Life would be going on for each as normal.

And secondly… Although most people have a good samaritan side to them, your fight was verbally very loud – we have heard the 911 tapes. I can only imagine that the neighbors in the vicinity of your altercation feared that one, if not both of you had a knife or a gun on your person(s) – which ended up to be tragically true. I have stepped forward many a time to help out a stranger, but I have never stepped into a man-to-man fight, nor do I ever intend on doing so. Nor do most people. Especially when the adrenaline is running high, rational thinking is completely gone, and the stranger coming to assist may be thought of as a threat by either party fighting. George, you may be the vigilante-type person, but that does not mean everyone else is, too. And, again… you should have thought about all the possible outcomes before you foolishly chased Trayvon.

Robert Jr also went on to tell about how George has stated that he shot Trayvon because Zimmerman thought the boy was attempting to take the gun from him only to turn and use it against him.

Perhaps Trayvon was attempting to take the gun from Zimmerman – but highly likely not to use to shoot Zimmerman, but rather taking it in order to keep from being shot. Very rational thinking. If two men are both nose to nose in combat, and one man pulls out a gun, it would not be irrational for the non-gun wielding man to try to attempt to disarm his attacker in order to save his own hide.

Another statement Robert Jr made about George’s description about he rolled his head from the concrete onto the grass because he feared that the next head smash from Trayvon would have put him in the hospital to forever “be spoon fed.”

Bullsh*t! I do not believe in the least that Trayvon was smashing George’s head into the concrete. I became very firm about this when I saw the police footage that aired yesterday which shows George Zimmerman’s arrival to the police station. Zimmerman’s nose is difficult to see to confirm if broken. However, several times you can see the back of Zimmerman’s head. Even if medical had cleaned him up, if the fight was as bad as Zimmerman tells it to be, then there would most definitely be scratches, marks, blood, and bandaging on the back of George’s head.

Additionally… look at Zimmerman’s clothes. They look as though he’s ready to go to out to dinner or run an errand. If the fight was as violent as George is claiming, it is highly unlikely his clothes would like to neat and tidy. George’s clothing should at least be unkempt, and very possibly should have been torn.

Here is the video of the police surveillance camera. Take a look and you decide. There are two cameras – one in the carport unloading area, and another as the police lead Zimmerman through a room inside the police station.

Police Surveillance Camera of George Zimmerman’s Trip to the Police Station

This whole situation reeks of a hate crime as well as a vigilante cop-wannabe who wanted to be the “hero” in stopping a criminal at work. I am finding that the statements and defense being said by the Zimmerman family is horribly insulting to the Martin family, as well as the public, including myself. Do you really expect everyone to buy these lies? There are too many stories that conflict with the evidence. George should have in no way, shape, form or manner followed Trayvon that night. Trayvon was walking through the neighborhood to return home. I do not buy the story that Trayvon was suspicious and looked as though he was going to break into a residence. No robber or burgler is going to do so carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of Iced Tea, therefore Trayvon would have had no reason to act in any other way but want to get home out of the rain.


I feel for Trayvon’s family. I hope that the legal system comes to their senses, arrests George and takes him to trial. That is what is most just for taking an innocent boys life. Let the jury decide.


  1. I think both sides, with a great amount of media help and encouragement, have gone to extremes defending their points of view. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. But there’s not a doubt in my mind that if Zimmerman had not been playing vigilante, had not continued following Martin when the police asked him not to, and had not been carrying a gun, both would be alive to tell their own stories.

    • Ayup. I’m not really happy about some of the public’s reaction either. I think that in their attempts to help get Zimmerman arrested, that they’re doing more harm than good.

  2. Agree that Zimmerman should have backed off when the 911 operator told him to, instead of acting as a vigilante. I also think that there should be a trial, so that this killing is fully investigated by the prosecution. Having said that, I honestly don’t know what really happened, enough to even speculate on it. But I’d be willing to bet a large sum of money that if the roles were exactly reversed, and Martin shot Zimmerman, that Martin would have already been thrown in a jail cell and arraigned for murder.

    • Oh, you know damn well if it was reversed then Martin would be locked up. And I agree… trial by judge and jury. Zimmerman should have never chased him down. Hell, remember… I was on the streets for a few years when in active addiction. Although I never participated in criminal activity, doesn’t mean I wasn’t around those who did. And I can guarantee, if anyone was up to no good that I knew, they wouldn’t be carrying Skittles and Iced Tea. Those would have been ditched so that they’re hands are free. Trayvon was doing nothing more than passing through.

  3. I too thought it was fascinating how such a tussle on the concrete can leave one so unblemished. I guess I’ve been fighting the wrong way? This is a shit-hole too deep for the authorities to dig themselves out of. I’m thankful there has not been (that I’ve heard of but I live under a rock) violent riots.

    • Not yet. But don’t be surprised if it happens. There have been threats to Zimmerman and his family, though. I’d like to hear what the EMT has to say that treated Zimmerman’s “horribly beaten” head and broken nose. That, and I want the EMT to do my laundry… we all know that a broken nose sprays blood ALL over, and head wounds also bleed a LOT. And Zimmerman’s clothes are spotless. At least from the camera view. A fight with that much blood, you’d be able to see it from the camera view.

      • Yeah, and I know that they don’t let people slip off to the bathroom to freshen up and change their clothes before being taken in. The police are, bluntly, fucked.
        I wouldn’t be surprised at riots. Nothing surprises me these days, except for the fact that Zimmerman is still alive. He will not last one week in jail so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens when they finally decide to get off the pot.

  4. At this point, anything that’s said on either side, outside of sworn testimony in a courtroom (with evidence to substantiate it) is completely irrelevant. The media’s role in this is done – it got some attention drawn to a case that was obviously being mismanaged and swept under the rug by the local law enforcement. It got people mad. It got people asking questions. And finally we can be sure that there will be some action taken to deal with this incident. I just hope it’s the right one, and I hope it’s soon.

  5. Michelle, yeah…i guess if you repeat a lie often enuf etc etc…can’t wait for FBI report, and EMT report…where are they? …undertaker said no sign of any scuffle on Trayvon’s body, fists. that Sanford PD down there is aiding and abetting…and the Governor is in on it too. more to come. great post this. continue…

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