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Have You Noticed the Little Smiley Face on Sites?

Now, I am not sure if this is showing on all sites, but it is showing on all of mine. But then they’re all built under one user name (the other blogs I don’t post on anymore, but they are just still sitting there grabbing a hit on occassion).

If you go down to the very very bottom of your WordPress screen and look in the bottom left corner, there is a little text smiley there. No, not like the evil, but cute, smiley thumbnail in the top of this post. It is visible on both my Admin side of this blog as well as the front end view, and on any browser, whether I am logged in or not.

Do you have one on yours? I wonder what this is about… Hmmmm…..

Kinda cute, though. Here are some screen shots for you. If you click on the image, then you can see it in full size. It is circled in the bottom left corner.


Smiley face seen in Admin Screenshot

Smiley face seen in Front End Site View, Screenshot

Smiley face just the corner Screenshot


  1. Mine is at the right hand top corner of my blog. And sometimes it does not load correctly and then it is a broken photo link graphic.

  2. I’ve seen these before, but always thought they were just part of a particular blog’s theme. Good to have an explanation, although “We’re able to collect this information by loading a small image to your page when someone looks at it,” does leave me wondering what they mean by “someone.” πŸ˜•

  3. haha.. I’ve just read why! I’ve never noticed it on mine so obviously no-one is looking at it 😦

    It’s okay before you feel sorry for me I know that they are !!

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