Absolutely Amazing! Italo Romano: PRO Skateboarder with NO Legs

Per the video description, “Italo Romano made the cut to the Semi-Finals at Tampa Pro this weekend not because he has no legs, but because he ripped. What an inspiration. What’s your excuse for not skateboarding? Check the raw footage here!”

What’s my excuse for not skateboarding? I’m a klutz. Will that work? I’ll break both my legs, my neck and probably re-break my tailbone. Give me a rock wall and I will scale it like a spider. Give me a skateboard, and I will give you a lot of laughs. I can also guarantee that I will never arm wrestle this guy.

Italo Fernandes Romano is living in Curitiba, Brazil. He is 23-year-old and he lost his limbs when he was as a teenager after he tried to balance between train carriages.

Sometimes we just need a reminder as to how fortunate most of us are. Now, watch this dude do some tricks!

Italo Romano Raw Footage Tampa Pro 2012: SPoT Life Event Check


Legless skater Italo Romano








Photo sources:  All unknown


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    • LOL… Exactly! I’ve always been that kind of person. “Can’t do that? Well, I’ll show you!” (of course, it does depend upon what it is… fly the shuttle? Um, no)

  1. Wow… Thanks for posting this, cause I needed to see this today – it’s been a day that I’ve been in a fucidol kinda mood cause I got somewhat disturbing news today about a chronic problem with my eyes. No, I’m not going blind, I just have less than great vision in one eye, 20/50, fluctuating blurred vision at night that does make it hard for me to see, and a lot of irritation, strain and some pain in both eyes. But it’s treatable and manageable, just not curable. Some drugs for this week and new glasses next week should help, and I should know more about what’s really going on tomorrow.

    So ends my rather minuscule tale of woe. Compared to what you’ve been going through since the end of October, it’s the equivalent of a hang nail, and now after watching this man and his skateboard magic overcoming enormous odds, I’m coming back to my senses and seeing how truly fortunate I really am. So thanks Michelle, cause I needed that, and it helped.

    • No problem. I got glasses in 1972 – in the 2nd grade. First kid in my class, so I was ol’ 4-eyes back then. By the time I was in Jr High, my eyes were so severely nearsighted, I was technically blind – but correctable. I got contacts in 1978 and they slowed down the deterioration on my eyes. So rather then getting a new script every year, it was every two years. Then in 2001 – LASIK. Best thing I ever did for myself.

      But I know what it’s like to have problems not seeing very well, especially when driving at night. Been having those problems now. Right eye is very blurry and all the lights have starbursts. Doc says it’s because my eyes are too dry (LASIK dryness), so I’m back to the natural tears. I did have this problem after I had LASIK and took about a year to finally go away. So, still blurry, but will hopefully go away in a while. If not, then I’ll need glass for driving at night. It’s too scary as it is now, so I try to avoid it when I can.

      Just hang in there. Although your problem may not be curable, it is maintainable – and for that you are lucky. Macular degeneration runs in my family, and that is not treatable. Luckily I do not show any signs yet.

      Now this dude…. holy cow! At least he didn’t have far to fall, and has a very low center of gravity.

      • Sorry that you’ve been through so much trouble with your eyes, so early in life and recently as well. But thanks for sharing your experience because again, it helped to give me some perspective. Part of my problem is also that my eyes are chronically dry, but there’s stuff I can use to help with that. My eyes are still bothering me tonight, but psychologically I’m feeling better about things; at least for now. Hopefully tomorrow won’t reveal anything worse, but I’ll deal with that tomorrow. Thanks again for your input Michelle.

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