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Hell Hath No Fury Like the “War on Women” so Vote ’em Out!

You have limited my access to crucial women’s health services.
You have vilified and punished me and my children because I am a single mother.
You have tried to redefine “rape” in an effort to reduce my access to abortion services.
You have publicly ridiculed me, and called me names to get me to sit down and shut up.

You have declared war on me and the people who love me and who I love.
On election day, it is a war that you will lose.

Voters, regardless of your party affiliation or the affiliation of the person running for office, if they have supported any of the above, please… DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM! DO NOT VOTE STRAIGHT TICKET! Take the time to learn more about who is up for office – it is all available online. Your rights as a woman depend upon how you vote.

And this goes for you men, too. If you care about your woman, or women, be it wife, daughter(s), mother, friend(s), or just women in general, please vote wisely.


  1. Well, you know how I feel about the war on women Michelle, but the appalling wrongness of it all can’t be over emphasized and needs to be shouted repeated in every way the truth can be heard. So once again, just to make my own position clear, my mother is a WOMAN, my wife is a WOMAN, my daughter is a WOMAN, and some of my very best friends are WOMEN!!! So when the far right REPUBLICAN Christian social conservatives declare a WAR ON WOMEN, I see it as declaring a war on my family and friends whom I love, including the WOMAN that I love more than my own life; my precious wife. When they declare a war on women who are my beloved family and friends, and most of all on HER, my wife, the REPUBLICAN RIGHT has declared a war on me.

    I have already joined the ranks to wage a retaliatory war on them, and I will do everything I can to fight them and destroy their credibility with as many American voters as I can, by exposing all their hatred and hypocrisy and I will work to have them removed from any position of political power, and then finally driven back into the dark corners of the lunatic fringe from where they crawled out.

      • Thanks, and I’m glad. Let’s all work together to figuratively hang these Republican haters with their own twisted and hateful rhetoric, which can make up the rope that they will hang themselves with, as we work to shine a bright spot light on who and what they really are, and expose all their intolerance and hypocrisy in full view all across the nation.

        • Yess! I haven’t been this infuriated for a long time. I cannot believe the kinds of bills that are passing as actual laws, in this enlightened age, throwing us right back into the Dark Ages. Abortion, gay rights, citizenship…everything seems to be taking a giant step backwards. I am going to do all that I can to shake as many people as possible out of their complacent delirium. 1984 looks quite possible. Big Brother is coming. Orwell is probably yelling “I told you so!” from his grave. It’s got to reach a stopping point or it’s going to get bloody. I’m surprised it hasn’t already so maybe there is hope. Excuse my ranting! I’m just really fired up right now!

        • I almost began to lather up and foam at the mouth, I’m that angry. And horrified!

  2. Reblogged this on morezennow and commented:
    I tend not to re-blog things because I have my own thoughts but this message needs to be spread like a cold virus. I am absolutely infuriated by the trends coming from the Dark Ages mentality of our elected officials, be it having to show proof of citizenship if pulled over in AZ by a cop to having to have an ultrasound and a 24 hour waiting period in Texas to obtain an abortion. Vote but vote sensibly!!! Know whose hands you are putting your freedoms into.

  3. You know, I read things like this, and it all seems pretty obvious to me that if you are a woman, you cannot possibly be anything less than enraged with the GOP mentality. And then I see Nikki Haley on the View, blappity-blappin’ about how “women don’t care about contraception”…it’s enough to make you wanna poke your own eyes out with a fork. To (mis)quote Walt Kelly, “We have met the enemy, and she is us.”

    • I cannot stand the View. Not even sure who Nikki Haley is. I did hear on Stephanie Miller yesterday talking about how some women are getting the facts all screwed up, probably because their being given screwy info by men. Basically they were carrying on about how the new bill “forces women to take contraception.” Ummmm… No. It does not. Not even close.

      The ignorance and stupidity is overwhelming.

  4. I can’t believe my very own sister, has jumped to the defense of the likes of Limbaugh and Santorum. Where the hell is her pride and her soul and her anger that she thinks it is OK for these assholes to demean and slander and break down and chip away at our rights, RIGHTS. We can’t even have a conversation, because she can’t see all the BS in the bible where god tells men to kill gays and rape women and slay all non believers!!! She is entitled to her opinion, but I just can’t for the life of me get how she can possibly believe in all this crap and BS. Theatre of the Absurd in Living Color!!!

    Just another angry woman who will NOT stand for this any more. At all.


    • Oh, my. That’s going to make for a very difficult family Thanksgiving dinner….

      I agree that anyone and everyone is entitled to their own opinion just as I am mine. But just as I do NOT force my beliefs into anyone else’s home, family, job, etc. then I expect the same out of everyone else. Especially the gov’t mixing in biblical beliefs into the law and ignoring the constitution.

      Vote ’em out. That’s the best option we have, and thankfully we DO have that option in this country. If only enough will wake up to do so. And the vote rigging is kept to a minimum….

  5. I’m appalled too at the actions and words of the conservative right wing idiots. What gets me even worse is that there are women on their side. I don’t get that at all. How do these holier-than-thou women not see that this is an attack against THEM too? They should be on our side on this at least saying how this is going too far.

    • Really? I had not heard about this. Hmmmm… Guess I better get my google on! Thanks!!! Now, this will hurt ’em. I just hope that the wives of the men that really support this b.s. are not prude, old fashioned, pregnant and in the kitchen, subservient women who cow down to their husband, aka. master.

        • Yeah, that’s the one I found, too. Thanks! I have about 100 twitter followers, but I don’t see many hits from Twitter. I do better from my Facebook Page “Motley News and Photos”.

          Sharing and spreading the word is so important. This is how things happen. Via Facebook, I knew about Tunisia before it happened as I have a Tunisian friend. It was utterly amazing watching the word spread via the internet – which is why our gov’t is trying to gain control, but they got their hands smacked on Jan 28th, the Great Internet Strike. Loved it!

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