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What Does a Women Voting Republican and Colonel Sanders Have in Common?

Exactly this…. (this is a war on women… you are not required to vote for your registered party)


  1. Brilliant! 🙂 But also the absolute truth, and that’s not quite so funny, but still worthy of derisive and scornful laughter directed at the people who are trying to drag our society back into superstition, ignorance, barbarity and the darkness of the Middle Ages. The people who have declared this current war on women, who are organized under the banner of the REPUBLICAN Party, are the direct religious and philosophical descendants of those who thought it was God’s will for them to burn women to death for witchcraft.
    They and their hostility towards women, as well as their hatred of ALL people who don’t believe in their twisted and toxic world view, are the 21st century descendants of those who perpetrated the Spanish Inquisition, and tortured to death both men and women by the thousands, and they believed they were doing their God’s work by destroying all the heretics; or anyone who didn’t believe exactly what they believed, since they believed they had a monopoly on religious truth.

    • I so LOVE it! I wish everyone, both men AND women – as I have seen women comment online that they agree with these birth control laws and such – would stand up and shout it out more!

      You have stated everything perfectly and exactly what it is! Bravo!!!

      • You are the one who is the real warrior here, and it is you Michelle, who has given me such a great platform to voice my opinion from. Thanks for all that you do, because you do so much, and you do it so well.

  2. I think the Republicans have jumped past a point of no return; this is the kind of thing that they could do AFTER an election, not running up to it. I think they’ve put so much stock into assuming Fox News will trick people into believing all sorts of things that it doesn’t matter what they do. Which, to some degree, has been true.

    • They have! It was a most idiotic move. I think that they were attempting to try to make Obama look bad prior to the election, but it had the opposite effect. I hear it on the radio talk shows all the time now, “What happened to our Republican Party?” I’m wondering, too. Although I have never been a fan of the GOP, they were not my “enemy.” There were many people I respected, and they had some valid ideals. But now… no. Way too extreme. And putting religion before the constitution and our rights is completely out of line.

  3. funny. b/c Democrats and Colonel Sanders have something in common too. they both use fakes.
    (KFC-i heard from my sisters cousins uncles friend make their own chicken in labs. Like Dems use women who say they want to be equal, but if they really believed they were they would know they don’t have to try to be men).
    Real women do vote republican because we believe in the future. That future requires children and parents to raise them. So secure families and traditional upbringings aren’t such a bad thing.

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