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What Twitter Would Have Been Like in the 1980’s

Remember the good old days of the Tandy and Commodore computers? The lovely 8-bit screens with images made from large pixel squares, and you used DOS rather than an Operating System like Windows or Ubuntu.

Try to imagine what logging into the internet and using Twitter would have been like back then. Don’t forget to “Change Directory” first. And F1=Home and hit the ESC key to quit.

A: \>cd twitter

Video: If Twitter would have been invented in the 80s


Logging in to Twitter (1980’s)


Reading the tweets (1980’s)


Tweeting a message (1980’s)


  1. TRS-80, aka “Trash 80.” Those were the days! LOL. Except my first screens were monochrome, green on black. I was so excited when my employer let me get an amber-on-black! In the beginning there was nothing as colorful as these pictures.

  2. Funny! πŸ™‚ But like Pied Type mentioned, my first computer experiences at work were on those small monitors with the black screens and the green print, and just thinking about that brings back memories of the crackling sounds of massive paper printout jams – followed by lots of loud and angry cursing! Lol

    • Yeah, it’s a goodie. Found another one on Facebook in the ’90’s, but I’m at work, so haven’t watched it yet. I did for a moment, but doesn’t look as good as this one.

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