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Let’s Name Her Monica

I just could not help myself. Really, I couldn’t. This photo and caption simply deserves a post all to itself. Here we have the former President Clinton, his wife Hillary, and their dog, Buddy… er, I mean, Monica. (Sadly, Buddy died a year after President Clinton’s term ended after being a hit by a car near the President’s New York home.)


  1. Thanks for the laugh Michelle! 🙂 In less than two hours I’m about to march into the emotional minefield and sometimes seemingly interminable marathon that is Easter family dinner. So I’m gathering my strength and fortifying my reserves of patience for relative annoyance by taking a comic break on WP and your humor here has helped.

    • LOL! My Easter is spent my myself, except for the 15 dogs, 2 cats and one goose. And I LOVE it this way. Lyn is in Phoenix showing a dog this weekend. So it is just me. And just about to take a nap because it is so nice and quiet. Was up early and all dogs have ran for hours each, so they’re sacked out for the afternoon.

      • I wish that I could spend my Easter with 15 dogs 2 cats and one goose. It would be less complicated and more relaxing. Hope you enjoy your nap and wake up feeling refreshed.

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