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The Parting Shot for April 8, 2012

I have been seeing some incredible photographs by some other bloggers of bees on flowers. Being able to see the pollen clearly has absolutely fascinated me. So I thought I would try my hand at it. This is the best I took. Not near as good as what I’ve been seeing on other sites… like yours, Helen! But I’m pleased for my first time.

Photo credit:  Me aka Motley Photos

Post-publishing note:  Well… you’re getting The Parting Shot a wee bit early today.
Last night I scheduled this to publish for tonight’s parting shot – and forgot that I have to schedule in military time.
So, I meant 10 PM but in reality I scheduled it for 10 AM. Oops……


  1. Beautiful shot. Hope everyone views it full size to enjoy all the details, including the pollen on the bee’s back. Mother Nature is so ingenious.

    • Oh, CRAP!!!! I scheduled this meaning for tonight at 10 PM, not AM. Damn it…. Well, the parting shot is a bit early today then. I forgot, with WP it is in military time.

      But thank you for the compliments. It took me forever and a hundred or so shots to finally get one I liked.

  2. You should be pleased Michelle, because this shot is great and I know that I would be absolutely delighted if I had taken it. And thanks for explaining the timing for today’s parting shot, because yes I was scratching my head when I saw it come up so early. 🙂

  3. Yes, it is a beautiful picture…but even more amazing is the relationship we see here. That relationship is in trouble because the bees are under attack by so many stressors in the environment.

    • Yes, they are. But, hey…. there’s no global climate change. There are no pollution and waste products in our environment killing of the insects. Who needs them anyway, right??? (thickly laced with sarcasm)

  4. I’m get it and I’m chuckling….it’s also interesting to note that the honey bee is a nonnative species brought to this country by the colonists. The indigenous people refered to them as “White man’s flies” because the bees traveled just a head of the settlers. Pollinators are important and have contributed more to civilization and culture than most would care to know!

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