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Giant George: The 7-Foot-Tall Great Dane Photos and New Book

Giant George has gone to visit the Rainbow Bridge and play with the other puppies and dogs who are waiting for him. He died one-month before his 8th birthday.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce Giant George died on Thursday, October 17, 2013,” his owners, David and Christine Nasser, posted on “George passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones … We appreciate the love and support you have given Giant George over the last several years.”


‘Giant’ George the world’s largest dog is used to enormous amounts of attention and is all set for more with the release of his new book. Written by his owner, Dave Nasser, ‘Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog’ charts the gigantic allowances that the 230 pound Great Dane needs daily to get by.

Here are some tid-bits – or should I say “kibbles” – about ol’ Giant George here.

• Giant George is now six-years-old;

• George stands nearly four-feet-tall at the shoulders;

• When standing on his hind legs, is seven-feet and three-inches (Hmmm… I wonder if he’d be willing to play center next season);

(there’s more below the photo)

Giant George doing one of his favourite things – sitting with his dad on the couch


• George eats about 180 lbs of food a month;

• He has his very own queen sized mattress (lol… I only have a double-sized);

• Lives in Tuscon AZ and likes to chase the UPS truck;

• Weighs about 100 pounds more than a typical male Great Dane;

• He was the runt of his litter (figures);

• At five-months-old, was the size of a full-grown Labrador Retriever;

• Was kicked out of the puppy-parks as other puppy owners feared George’s size may hurt the little ones (although this may sound mean, it is completely understandable – a puppy is not yet coordinated, and with that size, he may accidentally hurt a tiny pup);

• At two-years old, weighed 252 pounds – that’s when they decided to contact Guinness Book of World Records;

• Not only is Giant George the largest dog on the planet, but he is on record as the largest dog ever recorded;

• George was featured on Oprah;

• For the flight to Chicago for the show, they bought the entire row of five seats for George (for those who have never flown their dog in a crate, there is a size limit on the crate size – George probably wouldn’t even be able to fit his head in the maximum size crate);

• His heart according to his owner Dave was broken by a Labrador named Bella and since then, the neutered George has remained resolutely single.

Here is wishing Giant George an abnormally long (especially for a large Dane), healthy and happy life.

As a puppy Giant George was enormous and loved to be near his dad and mom



Birthday Boy: George enjoying his first birthday


Giant George playing with Christie and Dave’s daughter Annabel


Giant George hanging with dad on the bed after he won the Guinness title


George taking a ride with a Japanese reporter in a golf buggy




George on the airplane on the way to the Oprah Winfrey Show – they bought the entire row of five seats for the giant dog


Giant Celebrity: Outside the front of Oprah Winfrey’s studios


One man and his giant dog: George and Dave pose with the Guinness certificate


Source:  Huffington Post


  1. Is that really an incredibly huge dog? Or is it just a small horse in dog disguise, trying to make a big deal of himself…

    180 lbs of food a month, huh? I’ll bet that digesting and excreting it would probably set a record for the size of the end result too. Probably need one of those small front end loaders to move away the “mountains” left behind! Lol

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