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The G’Morning Shot for April 16, 2012

Since “The Parting Shot” seems to be so popular, and my folder of images that I store photos I find for “The Parting Shot” is growing faster than I can post, I have decided to start the day out with a photo or image as well as end the day with one. Plus, I love photography. As with “The Parting Shot,” it will always be a surprise.

For the first “G’Morning Shot,” though, a sunrise seems appropriate, although I suppose this may be a sunset instead. Well, doesn’t matter… it is still a beautiful capture.

Photo credit:  Unknown

G’Morning everyone! Now, where’s my coffee???


  1. Lovely pic.

    Your words triggered a thought: sunset or sunrise. Was looking for clues. Many flowers are in bloom facing away – does that mean sunset? The blue hue of the sky – is there a clue there? So far down the horizon, the rim is still not visible? I’m sure all this wasn’t asked for. Sorry.

    • Those things occurred to me, too. Actually, I am guessing a sunset because there is no dew on the plants. At sunrise, I would expect the dew to be visible (sparkles).

      You’re also correct in the direction of the blooms. Although it is difficult to tell in that photo, I do see some facing towards the sun, which they’d face in a westerly direction.

      Good thought…

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