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Would You Push the Button?

Imagine you are walking, or riding your bike, down a rather quiet street in the city when you come upon a post with a red button on it. Hanging above the button-post is a sign that says, “PUSH TO ADD DRAMA.”

Would you push it?


Considering the circumstances, it obviously has been put there for “entertainment” reasons. What do you think will happen?

Before you watch the video below showing before and after the button is pushed, first please answer the two polls below for shits and giggles. Curious here, and results will be posted. Anonymously unless you wish to have your name given – then you have to supply it. Poll Daddy does not track participant info. But there is also a character limit, so no stories that are equal to the length of “War and Peace.” So, have at it.



Now, feel free to watch. It’s worth it.



The story behind this video “A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE”:

In the comment section of the video is states, “To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. And then we waited… Discover here what happened or visit for more info.”

Special thanks to Creative Endeavors for providing the link to this video in his posting today.


  1. My answer was too long. You are transported to an alternate universe where Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are co-presidents and you are a pregnant, black, Lesbian woman who wishes an abortion and the exact location is Phoenix Arizona!

  2. I’d have pushed the button if the surroundings looked safe. I pictured a flash mob of dancers and singers suddenly showing up. I know, not very imaginative. I have Howie Mandel’s “Mobbed” stuck in my head.

    • Hmmm.. haven’t seen that one. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. For some reason, flash mob never occurred to me, which it should have considering how many there are these days. Especially the music/dancing ones – which are typically great!

  3. Being a bit of a special case (as in “Isn’t that Special?“),

    I don’t know if I’m even qualified to respond here. To say “I don’t get out much” would be an extreme understatement. But since your title had already opened the “crazy thoughts” floodgate in my head, I thought I’d stop by anyway.

    First of all, the fact that the square still has a few “peepul” in it would be enough to keep me away. And seeing that sign would be a clear indication, to my agoraphobic and highly paranoid mind, that I should run back to my cave as quickly as possible. The video is really cool and I’ve forwarded it (and this post) to everyone I can think of. As for myself though, I always think things like are about to happen anyway, even without the button! 😯

    BTW, if you want a hint at what your title reminded me of, check out the end of Land Of Confusion

    Now there’s a button I’d be tempted to push! 😀

    • LOL… I so LOVE that song by Genesis. But this is the first time I’ve seen this video. Holy cow! That is definitely a trip! If that’s what people looked like, I’d stay inside all the time, too. And I see now about the “pushing the button.” That was a rather big “oops.” Well, the button in my post has a much happier ending.

      This video really is a trip! I’ve got to watch this one again… and again… and again. Thanks!

      • You’d be amazed at how long it took me to post that comment, what with the video searches, posting to Facebook and Tumblr, and system freeze-ups. But it does provide me with plenty of material for some kind of “Open the Flood Gates” post. With a link back to the person responsible for unleashing the madness of course! 😀

  4. I went “no” I don’t need a sign to make my life interesting and besides there are too many people already pushing too many buttons in the world and creating far too much drama. Interesting thought experiment!

  5. The hell….?? I am of two minds on stuff like this. On the one hand, it’s very creative, very well executed, and it makes one hell of an impression. On the other hand…it’s an ad. A great big, expensive, potentially panic-inducing ad for a TV channel. I’m getting tired of ads encroaching on every single aspect of my life, even if they are incredibly clever, as this one genuinely was. If we’re at the point where the ads are now jumping out of my TV to follow me around and make sure I see them, I might get a wee bit cranky.

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