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Phantom Flex + Stupid & Dangerous Things = COOL! Look at that!

If you are not familiar with the Phantom Flex, it is the Zeus of slow motion cameras! Depending on the shooting mode and resolution, the Flex is capable of shooting from 5 fps (frames per second) to over 10,750 fps. You are able to see any fast motion objects very clearly and vividly. To help put this in perspective, most household cameras are 30 or 60 fps.

This video was shot in HD 1920x1080p size, therefore the fps is upwards to 2,570. Here you will see many stupid and some dangerous actions done in slow motion. For example, the microwave exploding is my favorite. The door comes right at the camera – in very slo mo. Fireballs and fireworks inside a home are also very entertaining. LOL… and the video even features a rocket-powered clothes drying rack.

Now, the token warning/disclaimer: Please do not attempt these stunts at home. Go to your neighbors house instead. (kidding)


Source: Ufunk

Here is another shorter video shot with the a Phantom Flex:


Yet another video shot with a Phantom Flex:
“Locked in a Vegas Hotel room with a Phantom Flex”



  1. I want to know who volunteered their home for the indoor fireworks, the exploding microwave, and the waterbed thing. Unless all were movie sets or some such.

    • Oh, yeah. I’d so love to have one of those cameras. But I could never find the price of one anywhere. But I wouldn’t be able to afford one anyway. I think I found something online and the camera was listed for close to $50k…. **sigh**

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