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Romney Still Putting his Paw in his Mouth about Seamus’s Car Ride

The creator of the Dogs Against Romney website says he is not at all satisfied by Mitt Romney’s latest comments about his 1983 decision to transport the family dog in a crate on top of the car during a drive to Canada.

When ABC’s Diane Sawyer asked the Republican hopeful if he would travel with his dog that way again, Romney responded, “Certainly not with the attention it’s received.”

So, Mittens, if you had not received all that attention and publicity, then it sounds like you would once again subject your dog to the crate on top of the car.

Here are a couple Q & A’s from the ABC Diane Sawyer transcript:

ANN ROMNEY: The dog loved it. The dog was, like–

DIANE SAWYER: But the dog got sick, right?

ANN ROMNEY: Once, he– we traveled all the time and he– he ate the turkey on the counter. I mean, he had the runs. But– he would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation. It was to me a kinder thing to bring him along than to leave him in the kennel for t– in– in– in a kennel for two weeks, so.

Well, here is my response… GET A BIGGER VEHICLE FOR THE TRIP! Seriously, this is NOT rocket science here. And it most certainly is not like you cannot afford it. Take the dog, have fun. But rent or buy a large family van or an RV for the trip. Take your private jet – surely you have one. Then everyone, including the dog, will be much more comfortable.

But then, that would take a logical mind to come up with such a simple solution, and Mitt, sorry, but you and logic just don’t belong in the same sentence.

Source: Huffington PostABC News Transcript



  1. I already ranted on this over on HuffPo. Saddest part to me is it sounds like Ann has no more sense about this than her husband. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs.

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