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The G’Morning Shot for April 21, 2012

I don’t think the bird can read.

Photo credit:  Dean Mason from Bournemouth, Dorset
Photo source:  Telegraph


  1. I have the same problem, the birds come and eat the white mollies in the pond. Luckily they breed so much the birds don’t make an impression. The little Koi I put in 4 years ago are now metre long monsters, and have been making out with the smaller fantails, so now there are a few dozen small fantail Koi as well. Too big for the kingfishers, and the fish eagles do not come into the city.

  2. The NSA has over a trillion emails, from almost everyone that has sent and or received, and it has gotten worse under the Obama Administration vs the Bush tenure in office. Big Brother is watching us. go on…

    • A friend posted this link on Facebook just the other day: which basically says that there has been a virus going around and has infected an enormous amount of computers. If you computer isn’t checked and the virus eradicated by July 9th, you’ll lose all internet access.

      Well… here is the clincher… the articles states that the FBI is requesting that you go to their “security partners” site and they will run a scan on your computer and remove the infection.

      I told my friend don’t you dare go to that site and have a company affiliated with the FBI access your system. There’s no July 9th virus… they want to scan your computer, and probably want to install something to monitor your system with.

      If anything, go to Amazon, buy the Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, which is the best on the consumer side of software (next step up is custom made security). Install it, and run a full scan and set it to continue to do full scans every week. Kasper keeps up with the infections like crazy. They release updates for all the new ones several times a day. There are hundred created and sent out each and every day. It’s amazing! Plus, Kaspersky Labs loves to hire the people who are hackers and know how to beat the system – but only have done so for the challenge. No theft, etc. Think about it… who better to work for your company to write the anti-virus but a hacker themselves. The software runs about $30 for 3 downloads at Amazon. If you buy it straight from Kaspersky Labs, it is around $60-$70.

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