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The Parting Shot for April 21, 2012

Is it real? Or is it Photoshopped?
(Replaces “Is it live or is it Memorex?” from the “old days.”

Location:  Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

Photo credit:  Unknown


    • Dunno? There is definitely lightning like that along the shore of Chicago, but to capture six bolts at once? I suppose it’s possible. Could have been a video camera, then just go frame by frame until you find the best capture. I’ve done it before with lightning. But nothing as good as this one.

    • In fact, maybe my next post will be about lightning – my wife and I had a pretty wild experience with a mega – lightning storm one night up in the White Mts of New Hampshire.

    • Me, too. I was always the idiot standing outside when the tornado warning is going off, everyone is running for the basement, and I’m out there with wind blowing, lightning striking, and looking for the damn funnel…

      • I would have been standing next to you. Lol – Long before that show “Storm Chasers” ever got on TV, in 1986 we had tornado warnings in Western Mass. As soon as I heard this on the radio, I went flying westbound on the Mass Pike in my car trying to find one, but no such luck. Obviously we’re not real twister country around here, except for the one that that tore up Springfield, Ma earlier this year – but that almost never happens.

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