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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | A Challenge

In case you didn’t figure that out, “whiskey, tango and foxtrot” are from the NATO Alphabet, aka Spelling Alphabet, for WTF…

In cleaning out my Spam folder, I came across this following piece of Spam:

“After having gained a cat because of a freak affair concerning a homogenized vat of mayonnaise your ramblings has made me to see the brighter side of life, you rock”

What… the… f…???? Gained a cat because of a homogenized vat of mayo?

Here is a challenge should you so choose to accept it. Write a brief explanation of the freak affair that occurred here. Just enter your description in the comments.

Best of luck! I’m still trying to think of a good one myself….


    • Sometimes…. There are a few different reasons for spam. The largest one is to gain a high page ranking, thus traffic. For example, if more sites put a link referencing one of your posts somewhere, then the crawlers favor that, will up your page rank, and that will push your site up higher in the search results. However, most of the spam posts I see do not have links in them, just as this one. So I’m not sure if the crawlers see the web address that can be entered in order to post a comment or not. If you’re curious, here is a page ranking site to see where your site ranks: Most blogs are either a 1 or a 2 out of 10. I get a lot of traffic, so somehow I’ve inched up to a 3 out of 10. It is very hard to get above an 8. For example, Huffington Post, which gets a ton of traffic, is only an 8 out of 10. Facebook is a 9 out of 10. I’ve tried a few other very popular sites out of curiosity, and still have yet to find a 10 out of 10.

      For those sites with spam blockers, like WP’s akismet, the spammer hopes that either a) it’s not being used, or b) they write something that appears to be a real comment (but they all suck); in hopes that their first comment will be approved. Then this will hopefully open them up for future posts with their site link in it.

      There are some malicious spammers, but most are just trying to get you to their site, which is probably some sort of scam. They hope they’ll take your money quick, then shut down and disappear. Actually, where I have seen sites that attempt to “get” me are in google images. I’ve clicked on an image only to find that it is malicious and trying to attack my system. Luckily, I use a pretty strong complete internet security system, so as far as I know, only one ever got through… and that was MY fault, not my security. But my security isolated it and I eradicated the file with the virus.

      Oh, yeah… and I’ve noticed that when someone posts a link in a comment field (a legit one like from another WP user), WP automatically puts in a “nofollow” for that link – which is a way of telling the crawlers not to count that link. So, most of the spam in WP is a waste of time for the spammers, anyway.

  1. The e-mailer was probably reading your posts about the poor dog, Justice, while outside of his home, another drama was playing out. A cat was starving and found the mayonnaise in the dumptser outside of the house. When it tried to eat some, it accidentally fell in. It’s anguished cries were heard in the middle of the night by his 7-year-old, and her pleas for compassion caused him to go investigate. When the cat was discovered, it was just barely clinging to life. The thought of putting it out of it’s misery crossed the e-mailer’s mind but the daughter, sneaking out the door saw the cat in distress. The emailer looked at his daughter, then at the cat, remembered your post and rushed the cat to the vet in an attempt to “do the right thing”. They now have a cat named Mayo.

  2. please, any self respecting cat, with any amount of natural cat curiosity, chancing upon a vat of homogenized mayo, and needing some for the tuna salad he/she was making, would ultimately have to be rescued out of it….okay, my brain is fried. thanks a lot Michelle πŸ™‚ continue…

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