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Caine’s Arcade | 9-year-old Boy’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Hit by a Flashmob

This is a wonderful, feel good short documentary about a young boy, Caine Monroe, who spent his summer building an elaborate cardboard arcade at his father’s used auto parts store. Sadly, the location of the store, and the fact that most of the store business is sold via eBay, Caine saw very little traffic to his arcade.

Then one day, Nirvan Mullick decided to film a short documentary about Caine’s arcade, including the flashmob that was arranged to come play at the arcade – much to Caine’s surprise.

It feels good to see people do something nice for someone else just because they can.

Enjoy this wonderful short film by Nirvan Mullick. BTW, this was uploaded to YouTube on April 9th and at time of publishing this article, there are over 2-1/2 million hits.

Some links which pertain to Caine:

Help Caine’s Scholarship Fund:

Get the Theme Song:

Caine’s Arcade Online:

Directed by Nirvan

Produced by Interconnected


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