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Roosevelt the Border Collie Happily RUNS in a Front-Wheeled Drive Cart

An absolutely tear-jerking, feel-good, heart-warming story about Roosevelt the rescued Border Collie dog who was born with malformed front legs but happily uses a unique front-wheeled cart to scoot around. He was named after former President Franklin D. Roosevelt who used a wheelchair after contracting polio.

The cart was made by Eddie’s Wheels who designs wheelchairs for pets.

His human companion Stephanie Fox is quoted as saying, “People think he should have been put down because they think he’s suffering, but he wakes up happy every day. If you had a child with a disability you’d try to enrich them, give them opportunities. So why not do the same with a dog?”

Border Collies are very energetic dogs born to run and work. This cart is an incredible gift for this dog, especially one whose inner voice tells him to “run, run, run!”

Thank you, Eddie’s Wheels, for bringing happiness to this dog’s life, as well as his human companions.




Source:  Laughing Squid



  1. This is a wonderful story to post early in the morning, when things often seem dark depressing and unclear. People could learn a lot from dogs… Seems like no matter what most dogs have been through in the past, if shown lots of love and given the chance to be happy again, they are, and enthusiastically so.

  2. I keep telling my fat little pooch with the pork chop legs (for they really are starting to look thick and juicy!) – that I’m gonna get him one of those carts after have my Korean Bar-B-Que during the lean times so he can still run around. LOL, one of the consequences of a fixed income budget in an inflationary world: he’s starting to looking kinda ‘good’ (and delicious to boot!) LOL!

    Seriously tho’ – Dogs – gotta love ’em – and I think it’s really kewl when the owners go that extra mile to help accommodate their pets.

    Pets. Rescue. Kinda go together, don’t you think????

    (now – time for some of that BBQ – just kidding!)

    Oh, and BTW: Here’s something on that “9 Truths; 1 Lie” post we made: .
    You might wanna read to see if you were right. I didn’t post it on my blog because it’s a spoiler . . . but I figured you’d wanna know. It’ll give you the answer that you sought:

    Have fun and enjoy!

    • That Korean BBQ is funny! I like that. I’ll have to use that one from time to time with some people who have fat dogs – and know it and can take a joke. I work with a lot of rescues, and I have a handicapped dog of my own. Not like that, though. He’s completely deaf and blind in one eye. Born that way. So he’s been trained with touch commands and hand signals.

      I’ll check the link and lie/truths this evening. I’m at work so I primarily just check comments and emails. Unless it slows down, which it doesn’t look like will be happening today.

      • I NEVER am in a hurry anymore – and especially with the Internet! It’s down there on my ‘list’ of importance; real life is much richer, much more . . . LOL, interesting sometimes. So don’t worry about me getting ‘mad’ or upset or anxiously waiting around the comment box for your reply – I don’t. (I know some people are like that.) A few days go by . . . lol, no biggie to me! Just so you know and don’t feel compelled to respond when you have better things to do. I’d rather you have some ‘life’!! LOL!

        Until later, and have fun.
        ’nuff said: see ya in a while – or a few hours . . . days, LOL! Whenever 🙂

        • Ugh.. I’m home and it’s FRIDAY! LOL… the internet and computers are my life. That’s pretty much all I do these days. But tomorrow, it is march-time baby! Santa Fe War on Women!

          But I don’t get my panties in a bunch when someone doesn’t get back to me. I know most people have a life beyond their keyboard and monitor. I don’t – and I like it this way now. It’s by choice.

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