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The G’Morning Shot for April 28, 2012

I need my coffee NOW!!!!!!

Photo credit:  Alfred Forns
Photo source:


    • LOL! Yes, he does. And you called me “birdbrain.” I LOVE IT!!!!!! That was a term of goofy affection from my mother. Not indicating you’re showing me goofy affection or that you’re my mother. Um, nope. But that calling me birdbrain puts a big ol’ smile on my face.

    • LOL… me, too because unlike you “probably” look like that, I KNOW I look like that. Especially if I’ve used a “wax” in my hair the day before (short, spiky bed-head look). LOL… I’ve always thought that funny that hairstyles like mine are called a bed-head look, and we get up, shower, then fix our hair like it’s supposed to look when we get up in the morning. Except… mine doesn’t look like that. It usually is all flat on both sides – but pointing UPwards, so it looks like a roosters comb.

        • Well, that’s what it rather looks like. OMG… at the march today, this older woman walked by me, oh I’d say 55 to 60-ish, who had solid whitish-gray hair…. cut in a mullet style!!!! I meant to try to sneak in an unknown (to her) photo, but I was in the middle of taking some march shots. When I finished, I had forgotten about her, thus forgot to take pix.

          It was horrid. Seeing mullets on redneck boys is still not unusual. But an older feminist with solid white/gray hair????

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