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The “War on Women” March TODAY – Local state listings here

My hits are way down comparatively, so I hope it’s because everyone is headed to, or getting ready to, head out to their local march.


We are a Democracy, not a Theocracy.

A woman’s body was not made for the government’s legislation.

A politician is NOT a doctor.

My body, my choice.

Women’s rights = civil rights.

Pro-woman, pro-child, and PRO-CHOICE!

Enough is enough!

And remember, the Domestic Violence Law came close to not passing BECAUSE MANY LAWMAKERS ARE PUTTING THEIR PERSONAL BELIEFS IN PLACE BEFORE OUR RIGHTS! Many do not agree with same-sex marriage, and at the expense of millions!

But as I said in the first one…. we are NOT a theocracy! These bills and laws which are founded on biblical beliefs MUST BE STOPPED! There has to be a separation of church and state otherwise our country will fall apart – it has already started.

Did they place their hand on the bible and swear to uphold the constitution? Of did they place their hand on the constitution and swear to uphold the bible??? Sounds like that latter in many cases.

Vote these fools out of office!

Each state’s primary website is below the image. Please attend. We (and I mean women AND men) must show that “united we stand, and divided we fall.” Make those anti-choice lawmakers shake in their boots.

Now, I’m headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico!!! Have a great day for those who cannot make it. What you CAN do, and is just as important, is CIRCULATE YOUR SUPPORT AND INFORMATION ABOUT THESE UNJUST LAWS AROUND THE INTERNET!



Facebook links:

Organizing against the war on women (the main hub site)


National Organizational Group:

Non – U.S.:

National Unite Women-Campus Organizing Group


American Samoa:























Michigan – Ste. Saint Marie:







New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

New Mexico:

New York:

North Carolina:

North Dakota:

Northern Mariana Islands:





Puerto Rico:

Rhode Island:

South Carolina:

South Dakota:



US Virgin Islands:





Washington, D.C.:

West Virginia:




  1. And they want to cut out preventive women’s health care spending to offset not hiking the interest rate on student loans. It’s not my fault I have boobs and a vagina and most of these gop peeps don’t. You bet your ass they wouldn’t even consider this if they had to get their dicks and man-boobs checked out every year. Another iota of proof that a healthy handful of leaders in this nation do not respect their mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, sisters.

    • Bring our troops home and BAM! there will be a lot more money to go around and spend on what it needs to be spent on. BTW… do you know why we’re still in Afghanistan? It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten. Or perhaps there really is just no reason. Why did we go in the first place? Oh, yeah… that war on terrorism and “in search of Bin Laden.” Wait… didn’t we kill him last year? At least reportedly? (Personally, I think he’s been long gone before that – but that’s another post from my conspiracy theory side of me.)

      Back to women… end these wars in other countries and start taking care of people in our own land, provide an affordable education, and fucking quit trying to take away the women’s rights! Just because they can’t overturn Roe v Wade, they feel the need to do anything else they can and are attempting to turn this democracy into a theocracy.

  2. I couldn’t go… Nurse that was supposed to care to my dad today while my mother is out, bailed out on us at the last minute. So I had to take care of him. I was bummed out to miss it, but at least it was one of my dad’s better days.

    But Jean went… she just called and said it was a really good rally. I’ll get the full report when she gets home.

    • Sorry you couldn’t make it. But ecstatic that Jean could! Looking forward to hearing the highlights. I’ll post mine soon and a few pix. I take all photos in raw format, so they all have to be processed individually in photoshop (that’s how I do it anyway). So that takes a while. I will say, though, that it had a smaller turnout than I anticipated – and I wasn’t expecting anything huge. But it’s a start. This is going to continue until either A) this insanity stops, or B) we vote those bastards out of office (assuming the newbies won’t continue doing the same).

  3. I wonder, what did all of these concerned women do to protect the right s of Sarah Palin?

    Or, do we only protect “Certain” women?

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