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The G’Morning Shot for May 3, 2012


Photo credit:  Unknown


  1. The best pun on this I ever saw were the t-shirts sold by one of the UK tabloids several years back – when the mighty Glasgow Celtic football club were defeated in the Scottish FA Cup final by the Inverness Caledonian Thistle football club. Not even a member of the Scottish Premier league at the time.

    The t-shirt said: Super Caley are terrific – Celtic are atrocious!

  2. I looked at it and of course, wondered where it was?


    It must have been a misprint, if it were California it would have read: “SuperCaliforniaSurfersExpertsOnTheOceans.”

    But I guess we will never know.


  3. Now THAT is one very deeply committed and determined graffiti artist!

    But now maybe it wasn’t just only one graffiti artist… I’ve been hearing rumors lately about this sort of thing, and it could be the work of the notorious, extremely dangerous and very violent Mary Poppins gang marking their turf, and believe me when I say that you best not EVER mess with a few of their favorite things, or you’ll feel REAL bad!

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