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It’s Mittens Time

Here are a couple short commercial parodies about our countries favorite Presidential Candidate joke… Mitt Romney.

It’s Mittens Time

First, we have “It’s Mittens Time.” Rather than grab that Miller beer after a hard day of firing people, sit down with ol’ Mitt and enjoy a cold-hearted Mitten Beer, brought to you by Bain’s Brewing Company in Laid-off, Wisconsin:


The Mittens Family

Ah, yes. Our fond childhood memories of The Addams Family. Well, it is time to catch up to the 21st century’s second decade with The Mittens Family.

Here is an audio parody preview of the sitcom currently in production exclusive in several of Mitt Romney’s households all over the world. Wherever he and his family goes, so does the comedy.




      • I used to listen to Stephanie Miller most mornings. She had a great show, progressive but with a focus on entertainment that is appropriate for the morning. Might still be great, but I got into the habit of listening to podcasts rather than the radio.

        • LOL… My van is a 2005 Dodge Caravan. Not top of the line, but not bottom either. Bought it used, and damn good price, too. Two years now, running like a dream. But… it came with a freakin’ cassette tape deck in it! I didn’t think they still made vehicles in 2005 with those. Yeah, I can install something nicer, but it’s not worth the cost to me. I prefer spending money on computer hardware and software. So, needless to say, I listen to Stephanie when I go to work in the morning.

  1. Funny, but seriously Obama did very little to help stop or reverse lay offs. Granted many came before Obama took Office but let’s face it. GM, Chrysler jettison a lot of people to make a profit today. I rarely blame one person for anything coming from government. They were all there when it went down. Maybe in different positions as Obama was a Senator. But our weakness continues.

    • Our biggest weakness now is the inability for the two parties to work together and move forward. Bush started a snowball that would take a while to stop and reverse. It doesn’t matter who came into office, it was too strong to stop. I was a mortgage banker for nearly a decade and saw this coming years before it happened. So did Wall Street, the banks and all the others, including many gov’t positions. But they all bought stock and brought in the cash while they could before the crash hit. But I don’t think any of the investors were prepared for something this bad.

      Clinton had a hand in setting this up by repealing the Glass-Steagall Act.

      But today, it is very apparent that many Republicans will do anything they can to see Obama fail. Mitch McConnell said it himself on camera in 2010, “The primary goal of the Republican Party is to make sure that Obama is a one term president.” Typically, the only way a president is not voted in their second term is due to failure. So Mitch et al have purposely stopped and fought everything Obama has been doing.

      Romney is a business man – and not a very ethical one at that. Buy out, tear it up and sell it off. If he were to take POTUS, we would become the United States of America, Inc.

      And to completely do away with Planned Parenthood because of his own personal and religious beliefs is insane. PP is 97% more than abortion, and millions… MILLIONS of women – and some men – use their services throughout the country.

      And to repeal Obamacare? Take away insurance from so many that finally have it now? And when Obamacare is not unlike Romneycare in Massachusetts? Romney should be flattered and shaking Obama’s hand on that one. But no. He’ll make the people suffer and be martyrs so had can pull it out from under our feet.

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