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War on Women March, Santa Fe NM April 28 | Photos

I would like to share some photos – which are further down this page below the video – that I took in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the national march protesting the Republican Party’s “War on Women.” Not surprisingly, the GOP is now denying that they are waging any war on the women in our country. How can they not see what is as plain on the nose on our faces? Because extreme right wing conservatives believe firmly in a hierarchical system. Men are at the top. Excuse me… white men. Followed by white women… about 5 steps behind, pregnant and getting ready to cook their dinner. Any one else is of little to no importance to them – unless they serve a purpose as Allen West does in Florida.

I am serious. Just as I, and millions of others, are incapable of not being able to view everyone, male or female of any race, as equals, Conservatives are incapable of not seeing the world living in a strict chain of command where we are most certainly not equal with one another.

Since the Supreme Court is the only body which is able to over turn Roe versus Wade, this is driving the right wing-nuts absolutely insane, especially the devout religious politicians. They are incapable of separating church and state, therefore they feel it is their duty to bring their biblical beliefs into our government. Therefore, are attempting to do everything they can to gain control from women over our own reproductive rights – especially when it comes to abortion and the abortion pill. Tragically, there are some bills which do not make sense and have absolutely no purpose other than contempt for women. The perfect example of this is Gov. Scott Walker (R, WI) repealing the Equal Pay law for women. For what sane reason? I am not sure he has stated why.

Rather than go through an enormously long list of bills from both 2011 and to date this year, here is a three minute ad released by the Obama for President Campaign which pretty much sums it up. The shock factor grows as you proceed through the ad. If you still do not see the injustices being done to all women in our country, then that is because you are following orders and “close your eyes.”


Anyone may download and share these photos. But please, no monies are to be made from any usage of these images. I only ask that you credit Motley Photos of Motley News and provide the link back. Thanks!


  1. Great pics! And if repealing equal pay isn’t proof of misogyny (aka war) than what is? That is the most damning proof out there.

  2. Excellent – thanks for this! I didn’t see one major news outlet report on the marches across the nation. Thanks too for the video – I’ve posted it on my site as well.

  3. I have just one word for you: Awesome. I know it’s overused, but in your case it fits. Thank you SO much for reminding women that we need to stand up for ourselves, especially in the political arena. Keep up the great work. I, for one, truly appreciate it. 🙂

    • Thank you! Every day I find something else on the internet which is violating our rights, and attempting to control our bodies and reproduction. I’m tired of picking my jaw up off the floor all day long.

  4. I looked high and low for news and photos of the marches and found zero, zip, zilch. Somewhere I came across one photo someone had taken of the Denver march, and the turnout looked pretty good, but it was hard to tell. I was forced to conclude the turnout was so small that either organizers were embarrassed to report it or the media felt it was too small to warrant a story. 😦

  5. Thanks Michelle, for all the dedicated effort that you put into writing this post, and including that “right on target” video, and all of your photos, which I thought really captured the spirit of the event.

    Your work here is vitally important for exposing this right wing Republican onslaught of multiple attacks on womens rights. Because the religious and conservative fanatics in the Republican party of today will succeed in taking away every crucially important right that the women of previous generations fought so hard to win… unless the women (and men) of today stand up and fight hard for these rights to be upheld and preserved.

    Womens rights have already been weakened and eroded by numerous and recently enacted state laws. Laws that were pushed forward by an army of Republican conservative and religious culture warriors who are mobilized and fighting hard right now for their goal of denying women the right to decide what happens inside their very own bodies.

    Instead, they want rape victims to be legally forced to give birth to their rapist’s babies, even when the crime of rape is also the crime of incest.They want to force pregnant women to carry to full term for nine months, the hopeless and agonizing heartbreak of a fetus that doctors know early in the pregnancy, will suffer from horrible birth defects, and has no chance of surviving beyond infancy.

    It’s a starkly simple reality that we face right now – Either there is a determined and deeply committed effort made to defend womens rights, or womens rights are going to be lost to those who are more determined and committed to take these rights away.

    Your work here is all the more important, because as someone else already mentioned, I found almost no media coverage of the March Against the War on Women, except for a very small number of very brief reports online. So for anyone who depends on media coverage for their info about what is really happening, this March never happened, and for me, that is a very disturbing thought.

    • Hmmm… then maybe I need to gather the photos from FB and upload them.

      Obama spoke today. Started off his campaign in Ohio. And he spoke very openly about the injustices being done to women now. He does not want his daughters growing up with not having a say in their own reproductive rights.

      • The almost non existent media coverage of this event has been bothering me ever since I first realized that this is what had happened, and knowing that without media coverage, the March was rendered all but invisible, except for the very small minority of those who did know about it, and those who participated in it.

        Me going “word crazy” with my marathon first comment here, was an outpouring of my frustration, because I felt like this event should have had a far greater impact, but it didn’t have that kind of impact because the media didn’t cover it, and possibly because it wasn’t promoted in advance as effectively as it could have been. From what little information I’ve been able to find about the marches that took place in cities across the country, it seems like in most places that the turnout was light.

        But Obama’s stance is encouraging. He will make the Republican war on women’s rights a national campaign issue that obviously will get extensive media coverage. And he will do this not only because he believes that it’s the right thing to do, but also because it is a very effective political strategy to hang the Republicans with their own hateful words and hostile actions that they have repeatedly taken against the rights and the dignity of American women,

        Except for the relatively small minority of the Sarah Palin sisterhood, the vast majority of American women are furious about the repeated Republican attacks on their rights. All that anger just needs the proper channeling to become a well organized and united large wave of political activism that will be needed during the general election campaign, to mobilize as many women (and men) as possible to get out and vote against Republicans for ANY elected office on election day in November.

        • I’m cautiously optimistic… Politics can be a very strange game, and often there are unforeseen and unexpected reversals for a campaign that seems like it has the potential to win. (meaning Obama’s)

          But having said that, Romney looks like an oncoming train wreck. He says and does things on a regular basis that makes him look ridiculous, and his charisma or ability to fire up a crowd during a speech seems almost non existent.

          He’s flip flopped and changed political positions so many times in his political career, that the Obama campaign has a wealth of material in Romney’s own words to use against him.

          During the primaries he swung far to the right to try and win over Republican conservatives, and he’s taken a lot of hard right wing positions that won’t go over well with the more moderate voters in the political center, and he sure won’t impress a majority of women voters.

          The politically active conservative Republican base has never accepted him, because even they know he’s a fake, and the Christian evangelicals can’t get past him being a Morman.

          He’s like a walking talking poster child for the super rich, so he’s a very tough sell to the middle class, and blue collar workers who understandably find it hard to relate to him.

          The only big plus for him is that he will have the united backing of the collective might of corporate America, and an almost infinite supply of money, and that’s a combination of real power that is always dangerous, even when running a weak candidate.

          So like I said, I’m cautiously optimistic – as long as I don’t think too much about all the economic hardship still hurting the country right now, and the tendency of voters during hard times to go into a blind stampede to vote against any incumbent, regardless of who he or she is, as an act of angry revenge.

        • I’m looking at all the writing I did here on this post, and I’ve come up with two possible reasons for my massive amounts of verbiage.

          Either I feel very intensely passionate about this issue… Or I received an erroneous subliminal message that I’d be getting paid a dollar per word for my writing… Lol 🙂

          Oh yeah… you gave your opinion of Romney, and yes I do agree.

          Except I’d add, that when I see the guy wearing blue jeans and rolled up shirt sleeves, with that “I’m trying to look like a strong leader but I actually look quite constipated” expression on his face, there’s only ONE word that is all I need to describe him, and that word is AWKWARD.

          His picture should be in Webster’s next to it. Lol

  6. Excellent! Thanks for posting these pics – good to see that there were people out there, because (as others have noted) there was virtually no mention made in the news about marches/protests anywhere.

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