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The Parting Shot for May 8, 2012

No yard work….

Photo credit:  Unknown

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    • I wouldn’t mind it for my “real home.” Year round. Except the stairs may get old. But then, the idea would be to really not go anywhere. Just enjoy the peace and quiet and beauty around me.

      • It’s cool as a vacation home for me… I’d want a tad more excitement in my life, truly stimulating people, great night life, adventure, exotic restaurants, a few expats, artist, “no dangerous nuts allowed” and a few other “no’s” allowed 🙂 Besides I keep thinking rogue waves, Tsunamis, and what if …dah da dah da…jaws really is out there waiting for a tender if just a little over ripe tasty morsel like me comes around…yikes! Tempting the fate year round for that is a might much.

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