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Politicians Reactions to Obama Supporting Gay Marriage

Here are several quotes from a variety of political figures in response to President Barack Obama’s announcement today that he now supports gay marriage.

Mitt Romney
“I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” Mitt Romney said.

(Well, at least he has not flip-flopped on this view. It just may be the only thing he has stood his ground on.)

Michael Bloomberg
“This is a major turning point in the history of American civil rights,” said New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. “No American president has ever supported a major expansion of civil rights that has not ultimately been adopted by the American people – and I have no doubt that this will be no exception….”

Ted Strickland tweeted:

Jerrold Nadler
“I applaud President Obama for announcing his support for marriage equality today,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) “For the first time in this nation’s history, a sitting president has shown the courage and leadership to stand up for all American families by pledging to support the fundamental right of every person to marry the person they love, and to have that marriage fully respected. I commend President Obama for this brave and honest step….”

Senator Jeff Merkley tweeted:

Fred Karger
“I’m thrilled!” longshot GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger told HuffPost, referring to Obama’s embrace of marriage equality. Karger is the first openly gay Republican or Democrat to run for president. “The Karger pressure has worked,” he joked. “Particularly after the defeat in North Carolina, we welcome him to the full equality position.”

Rep. Keven Brady tweeted:

(I am so ROTFLMAO at this tweet. I refuse to lower myself to the Neanderthal level with a retort.)

Reince Priebus
“While President Obama has played politics on this issue, the Republican Party and our presumptive nominee Mitt Romney have been clear. We support maintaining marriage between one man and one woman and would oppose any attempts to change that,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Mark Udall tweeted:

Mike Huckabee
“Barack Obama just announced he supports same-sex marriage,” Mike Huckabee wrote in a fundraising appeal to supporters. “Nancy Pelosi immediately jumped on the announcement and emailed Democrat activists nationwide promising to continue their fight. This is going to be a defining issue this election. Obama, Pelosi and the Democrats have been a complete failure on economic issues so now they are going to focus on issues that will rile up their base. Well, Mr. President it’s going to rile up our folks also. Men and women who support traditional marriage.”

Nancy Pelosi tweeted:

Rep. Bill Taylor tweeted:
Rep. Bill Taylor, Conservative Republican, proudly represents House District 86, Aiken County, in the S.C. General Assembly.
Aiken, SC

(I have to admit, even in it’s completely ignorant idiocy, it was creative.)

Frank Lautenberg
“President Obama’s support for marriage equality marks an important moment for civil rights in America,” said Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), who co-sponsored legislation that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). “We simply can not treat same sex couples as second-class citizens in our country….”

Allen West tweeted:

Peter Welch
“This is an historic moment and I applaud the President for his decision and courage,” Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) said. “One of the greatest and most liberating human emotions is acceptance…. The President’s decision required him look within and engage his heart….”

Andrew Cuomo tweeted:

Christine O’Donnell
“In my opinion this is a distraction,” former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto. “President Obama does not have a record that he can stand on. People are not finding jobs, they cannot find a house. The worst thing that can happen for his re-election efforts is if every day that goes by people are being reminded of this economic mess that his policies have created in this country.”

Jerry Sanders
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders (R) told the Los Angeles Times he supported the president’s statement:
“As someone whose position has also evolved, I know this is an issue of equality and basic human rights,” Sanders said. “Two people who love each other should be able to get married. It’s really as simple as that. History will judge President Obama kindly for his decision.” Sanders, a former police chief, opposed same-sex marriage when he ran for mayor in 2005. But he reversed his position in 2007 during his reelection campaign, saying that his previous opposition stemmed from prejudice.

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid
“My personal belief is that marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev). “But in a civil society, I believe that people should be able to marry whomever they want, and it’s no business of mine if two men or two women want to get married.

Source of comments:Β  Huffington Post


  1. Great selection Michelle.
    The repubs would have said the same thing about civil rights for black americans.

  2. Love this post! Thank you for sharing! I support LGBTQ youth as well, this is a great movement towards equality and inclusion. Thank you sooo much for sharing. πŸ˜€


    • I am actually very amazed at how many people are “coming out of the closet” in support of Obama’s support. And I mean straight people. They’ve all remained quiet, probably afraid to say anything. All they needed was someone like Obama to speak up and it’s like a huge relief to many. Such a wonderful thing!

      • Yes, it’s so true. I’ve only started recently pinning my Ally Button onto my purse in fear of what others including my Muslim community would say. But I realize now, I really don’t care. They can all kiss it. Because for me, support means more than hiding my care. There ARE many allies out there. It’s about time we come out of the closet as well. πŸ˜€


        • Greetings!

          It’s an initiative to identify oneself as a supporter of the LGBTQ community,, and can be pinned to anything. I have mine on my bag. It’s tough, for some reason, to find these buttons though. I had mine from someone who went to Saskatchewan and picked some up. That and the Pink Revolution button against bullying in general for all.

          I was looking for the Ally Button for a year, and I’m so delighted to finally have two! Woo! If you like, I can find out from my friend where they got theirs too! πŸ˜€


        • Sounds good to me! I read your “about” (awesome by the way) as saw you were born in Tehran – so assuming this is why the Muslim friends. Do they look down upon the gay community? (just curious – I’m a very inquisitive person as I love to learn – especially other cultures, religions, gov’ts, etc).

        • Greetings!

          Thanks for reading about me! I converted to Islam in 2003 and sorry if my About section alluded to Tehran (haha), I grew up in Canada.

          There is definitely strong opinions about the gay community with the Muslim community which is unfortunate as the “A Jihad for Love” documentary of their struggles illustrates, for me at least, that God is most loving. As a Muslim convert myself, I have a more open perspective I believe, and currently volunteer facilitate career development sessions with LGBTQ youth in my local city as an initiative for positive change.

          Thank you for being that positive voice for positive space as well. πŸ˜€


        • Oh, you know what… I am terribly sorry… I was confused. Your WP name is very similar to another lady who actually is not unlike you. She was born in Tehran, left when she was 16 (I think). Can’t recall where she lives now, though.

          I am just so fascinated with diversity. I’m US born, just been over the border shopping to Canada and Mexico and that’s it. Our world is so rich with variety that I’ll never be able to see – but the internet is helping me with this – so I love to travel virtually.

          Okay, I’m still embarrassed for the mistake…..

        • HAHAH.. no worries at all! WP lost like 300+comments and I’m only catching up now.. oh boy! Thank you for the reply and no need for apologies! I’m glad to know you better too!



  3. I’ve never understood the big deal about this? How do gay marriages affect straight ones? It is completely clear to me, however, that those folks who subscribe to a purely religious interpretation are holding this country back in so many ways. All I need to do is look at the Middle East to see that 2000 plus years of interconnected religions (same characters and similar stories) have done nothing to advance civilization as far as live and let live goes.

    • Gay relationships don’t affect anyone else’s life – unless they’re a window-peeper. This is “trend” I notice with the GOP – they’re all about everyone else’s business and need to start tending to their own.

  4. A few more Republicans and other cretins reveal themselves as incapable of supporting a libertarian position which offends their silly so-called morality. Same as it ever was.

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