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Prince Charles’ Gig as a Weatherman

The Prince, who is known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, appeared on the lunchtime news show Reporting Scotland. Dressed in a suit and standing against the backdrop of the weather map, Prince Charles delivered an almost word-perfect reading of the forecast script from his autocue. Although at one point he did question who wrote the script.

“A cold day everywhere with temperatures of eight Celsius and a brisk north easterly wind,” Charles summarized exclaiming “Thank God it isn’t a bank holiday!”

Apparently Camilla gave it a try, too. But the general consensus of favor was with the Prince.

So, who the hell did write that script?

Source: RT


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  1. I was pleased and surprised to see the prince showing such a sense of humor. i need to add, that though I’m often pleased, it is rare these days to surprise me with anything! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Saw clips of this earlier today. I thought the prince did a great job and was entertaining at the same time. In fact, he was better than some of the “professionals” I’ve seen.

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