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Sometimes the right song makes all the difference | Cat Fail Video

I cannot stop laughing nor watching the Chive’s version of this “cat jump fail” video.

The original video was uploaded in Japan on Dec. 16, 2011, without any music (shown below). It now has over 4 million hits on it. Title translate (with Google Translator) as “Debacle diving cat.”

Then someone downloaded it and added the theme song to Superman to the video and called it “SuperCAT Cat Jump FAIL [WITH THEME SONG],” which has been downloaded, uploaded, edited, and everything else possible. I must have come across at least two dozen copies of this failed jump, and I really do not know which YouTuber is the one that originally created the SuperCat version – and honestly, I don’t care.

But then… The Chive uploads their version with different music (actually, I’m not positive Chive created this version…). It makes all the difference in the world. Watch The Chive’s version first then the Theme from Superman version afterwards and tell me what you think.




Original Copy from Japan (no music) 猫ダイビング大失敗

FYI… the translation of the original Japanese version comments says, “Failure of diving escape from the veranda of the second floor. Ran off after landing went in as was safe.”

So, in proper English, this insane cat thought it could fly. Tried jumping from a second floor balcony to another only to realize that gravity was stronger than it thought. Fell to the ground and ran off unharmed. Hmmph… just like a cat.


  1. Both versions are great, IMHO, but I will give a slight edge to the version from The Chive. For a real kick though, play them both at the same time! 😉

    BTW, love the new look… 😀

  2. I watched this three times. What a nut of a cat. I’m glad it was okay. I laughed so hard the first time I woke up one of my roommates.

    • After Effects is an Adobe product (like Photoshop) but is made for video special effects. I have it myself. Not cheap, has an enormous learning curve, and the stabilizer is awesome for those (like me) who do a lot of filming with hand-held cameras.

  3. I’m still giggling as I write this. Both musical versions are funny, and I can’t wait until my teens finally get up (it’s Sunday morn right now) so I can show them this. (Knowing them they’ve probably already seen it.) Thanks for a great weekend chuckle!

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