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Another Bizarre Herman Cain Video | Man Pecked to Death by Chickens

I am not sure what is up with this guy, but he definitely has a penchant for slightly morbid video commercials. Previously he has released a bunny being shot and a goldfish dying in open air.

The modus operandi of these videos is to use graphic metaphors of death and animals, narrated by a young girl to advance a conservative viewpoint. This one, I feel, goes over the edge of proper decorum by a politician.

After seeing these ads, I am so glad he dropped out early. He is one weird man.


  1. And this is why he had to drop out of the presidential race because everybody can see what a total idiot this Herman Cain guy is. I am so sick of the conservative right crying “the sky is falling the sky is falling” and trying to make issues where there are none. That is one really stupid political ad I might ad.

    • Yes, I’ve seen it. I think it is completely vile. However, it is because we ARE a free country that someone is able to promote and sell those hoodies. Thing is, anyone who buys those was racist to begin with. Probably poor white trash living in a trailer with a yard full of broken down washers and dryers. The sweatshirt isn’t going to “make” anyone racist. But I do think it is absolutely HORRIBLY tasteless.

      • Living in a free country ( and I believe that’s a myth) doesn’t mean everyone can do exactly as they please Michelle. There have to be laws to protect childen and the most vulnerable in society who are susceptible to this kind of thing..and that might indeed include “poor white trash” as you put it..

  2. The hell….? Jesus, if he can get behind shit like this, then I don’t even want him making me a pizza, let alone being leader of the free world.

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