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The Parting Shot for May 19, 2012

Caption me!
(I honestly cannot think of a single thing…)

Click on image to view in full size

Photo credit:  Chris Norfolk, National Geographic


  1. on republicans keeping people from voting brought to all by the tea bags. remember one thing about tea bags . you can’t vote but neither can a tea bag if it is dead. how can they think that taking rights from americans can end end in anythng but an uprising by the people ? and yoou can’t reason with them and they have no logic so way i look at it this can only end one way and i hope i will live long enough to see it happen. they do not care if you suffer or you die you’d seen and heard enough to know this. so i really believe that one day people will wake up and when they do “oh boy”. . i fact there was a time theyed been stopped way before now. do you all realize they are over throwing our form of goverment and to me this is domestic terrorism. the war s here and it is now.

        • that is so cute. i love your animal vieos like the dog saying i love you. my dog is almost fifteen years old. he is poodle who never eats dog food but he loves all human foods even vegan. everyone said i’d kill him by not feeding dog food but he won’t eat it and he will be fifteen august 13th born in 97. he was fifteen months when i got him and my beloved cockapoo died on august 13th but in 98 . i knew he was sent to me when i saw that date. i was so sad over her dying. i have her ashes and when he goes i will have his and when i go i will be cremated also & all three of us are going to put off coral reefs in south florida together.

        • That is pretty much what I will be doing as well. Cremate my two I have now – and any future dog. Keep the ashes. Then when it’s my time to become worm-food, I want to be cremated as well and have my ashes scattered along with my pets. Not sure where. For years I have been saying the Escalante Canyons in Utah as that place has some very special meaning to me. But more recently I have fallen so deeply in love with Seattle. So I’m now unsure of where to be tossed to the wind. I suppose when it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter. I won’t know the difference…………

  2. Oh, dude, did you see that guy do a face plant when he dove for that banana? It’s like a cheetah attack. I don’t want to look, but I must. Don’t laugh. No, don’t, please…. don’t laugh or I’ll lose it completely!

  3. I know I’m kinda late here, but I think you wanted me to caption this one… and I’ll try, even though I have some very tough acts to follow here! Some true talent that will be very tough to match… but, here goes anyway:

    “Oh MY… Is THAT what dad ends up doing in front of EVERYONE, when mom isn’t keeping him satisfied???”

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