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Photos from Annular Solar Eclipse, May 20 2012, Albuquerque NM

Here are some photos from the annular eclipse on May 20, 2012. All taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico right next to the airport.

Myself and my friend, Dave, were the first two there as we got there early. Shortly another car rolled in, and another. We ended up having about 15 cars there. Most people were from out of state. Our “neighbors” came in from North Carolina. There was another gentleman from Maryland. I heard another woman mention she was from Kansas City, MO… and so on. Several telescopes were set up. Everyone bounced around from telescope to telescope to see the event. It was a wonderful day.

I have photos of the eclipse in “natural” color, which is through the filter. And I also changed the same photos to black and white, so the sun is entirely white. Interesting effect.

Click on a thumbnail to pull up in full size.
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  1. Hey! You found a filter? Very cool! I figured out mine is packed away with all my darkroom supplies, so no photos. But, we had our glasses and watched the whole thing. It was simply amazing. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, Jen Jenn had some welding film (mylar) so I did a little cutting and some scotch tape so it fit the end of the lens. Then I put it between my zoom lens and my UV filter to hold it in place. Worked like a charm! The scotch tape was irrelevant because of the focal distance. Plus it was along the very edge anyway. The film was about 1/4 shy. But in the 300mm zoom, that little tiny gap affected the shot, so I had to modify and fill that gap in. I’m amazed how well it worked.

  2. Spectacular photos. Interesting how you rigged the filter. I was wondering what you’d used. BTW, you remind me of Jamie Lee Curtis in that one photo. Something about your smile and the pose … and the hair helps too.

    • You think? (JLCurtis?)?? I suppose a little bit. Thank you for not saying I look like Ellen DeGeneras. (however she spells her name… too lazy to google it). I’ve heard that one for years. Since I cut my hair short back in 1995.

      I was surprised the filter workd – but it did! I was so tickled. I was going to just drop the exposure down all the way, take a few (risk damaging my image sensor) and drop them in photoshop. I tried it before I bought the filter and it worked… poorly, but worked. But I hated the thought of risking damaging my camera. Then my friend had that mylar and I cut it to fit, taped together some pieces, and I’ll be damned…. it worked. LOL… especially my roommate, Lyn, knows never to underestimate me when I put my mind to something. I’ll figure out something….

  3. Your images are beautiful!!! I am from Reno and Sparks area of Northern Nevada and right when it was making the ring of fire mother nature took its place with cloud coverage. I’m glad you were able to experience this amazing natural occurrence and thank you so much for sharing your images.

    • Ohhh… what a bummer! That’s something we don’t have to worry about too much here. Would have been our luck, though, if we had gotten a storm last night when we’re in the middle of a very long drought.

      Thank you so much for the compliments on my photos. I’m very pleased… that was my first time and I didn’t have a “real” filter, but rather I put together some welding film (mylar) to fit over my camera lens.

  4. Love the pics. did’nt get to see it all the way up here in the Black Hills, thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  5. As soon as I heard about this eclipse on the news, I was thinking of you, Michelle, and I thought that there was a high probability that you’d photograph it and post it. Well you most certainly did, and your results are spectacular and beautiful. Truly excellent work here, and thanks so much for sharing this with us.

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