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The G’morning Shot for May 21, 2012

Ring of Fire, annular solar eclipse. I did not take this and do not know who did. It came across my Facebook page. All I know it that it was taken in Roswell, NM. I love how it was taken through the trees and appears no filter was used – the photographer may have dropped the exposure all the way down. Regardless, it is a phenomenal photo.

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  1. it’s an amazing photo! Thanks to the NPS, I watched the eclipse live thru their link at Petroglyph (spelling?) in New Mexico, which seemed to be the premier viewing spot! I’m waiting for your pics…

  2. It’s no wonder early man, without benefit of science, imagined all sorts of terrifying explanations for events like this. Even when I know what’s happening, it’s pretty bizarre to have something as reliable as the sun doing something as unusual as this.

    • Yes it would be. That’s how gods were made. Something had to cause this and science was not around. So the best they could come up with is what they know… human. But a normal human couldn’t do this, so they must be superhuman. Viola… gods.

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