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The Parting Shot for May 23, 2012

Natural phenomenon: Glowing blue waters

Glowing blue water washes up on a beach in Vaadhoo, one of the Raa Atoll islands in the Maldives. The result of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, it occurs when a micro-organism in sea water is disturbed by oxygen.

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Photo credit:  Doug Perrine / Barcroft Media
Photo source:  Daily Mail


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  2. That is amazing. It’s like out of a fairytale beautiful. I’m showing my kids that and the tree tomorrow. Really, I should show them a lot of your shots…but some of your worn porn isn’t safe for kids. I’ll have to use caution. You will be either next, or the one right after that for your porn post…

    • All cities I’ve lived in I’ve never been able to see the stars from in the city. But when I go outside the city, I can. Where I live now is just far enough out that I get to see the stars every night. Love it.

      • I know when I visit my sister or just go an hour upstate I see them. I use to see stars in the sky when I was a child growing up in NY. I’m lucky I get to see the moon and one or two stars. :/

  3. Wow… you are really on a roll with the photos lately! This is really beautiful, and as others have mentioned, I could go into a very long daydream about being there and witnessing this magic in person.

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